I Love Being Irish

I am from the west of Ireland in County Roscommon. I love being Irish. The culture is great. A lot of the time it's a pain being in rural Ireland because the same options aren't there for entertainment, but then you realise once you delve into your area more the amount of history and culture which can be found!
I love Guinness, shamrocks, having the 'craic' and so on.
I couldn't be happier being from anywhere else :-)
...Well, the government make me sad at times, but I try to stay positive... But it's the same in most countries. :-)
ashsmash1993 ashsmash1993
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 12, 2012

Hey babe i'm a roscommon man too i'm from just outside athlone but living near balinasloe at the minute add me if you like

finially some irish peops