I Am Half Irish

My mother is full irish and my father is full german. I have the fair skin,green eyes, and red hair. I am proud to have irish in me and really want to go to ireland to experience some of my culture. I have never met a real irish person before my family. I really want to hear a true irish accent.
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Thats so cool. I bet it was one of the best memories of his life. Ireland is so beautiful. And okay. But i think i might be going to ireland for my honey moon though lol

Yeah he lived it. And it's ok I can ride between you two. Hahahaha jkjk!!! Lol aww that's cute. I wanna go to Italy for my honeymoon. I'm half Italian so its always been my dream :)

Cool. Their food is amazing. I love real italian food.

My bf went to Europe for a month before He left to bootcamp and he was in Ireland for two weeks :) he boxed with some of the best Irish boxers there. It was really cool. He bought me this really pretty neckless there that has a heart a four leaf clover a big old school looking key and a vintage button and a flower. It's so cute! It's one of a kind. This girl makes them from things she finds all over Ireland. And he told me that the necklass symbolizes that I have the key to his heart. Haha it was so cute!!!! I wanna go there one day too. Let me know when you go so I can tag along haha :P