Child Becoming Adult

in my earlier account, had got to the bit where I am with good people. i am exposed to classical music, art galleries, theatre, singing in a choir, with my own apartment and income. yet i am disfigured, slightly disabled on my left side, and autistic. my guardian had got me lots of help to socialize me, and to teach me about autism, so i began to manage my own condition, and make life decisions
as a child, my pius mother told me god made me the way i was for his own reasons, so i had no treatment for the pigmentation on my face. she said it would be vanity to pierce my ears, or wear jewellery. when i got my freedom, i decided to see what people made of me if i continued to just be myself, without any treatment other than slight make-up. it is a tribute to the wonderful circle my guardian built around me that i was accepted as i was, stains, limp and all, and so my decision grew to stay as i was, and build my life myself.
boys were the first hurdle. my "cousin" took me with her in her boyfriend's car but used to let me wander while they were intimate. she had given me erotic books to read and magazines from her boy, and i loved these and learned to please myself. one wonderful experience happened during a thunderstorm, - one day. they let me stay in the front of the car while they made love in the back.!! this voyeuristic experience has given me an abiding love of saucy videos, movies, tv progs etc. but not boring intercorse, it needs to have that extra “something”, and also i love larking about playing adult games. ( i use coy expressions because it looks like ep replaces anything explicit with asterisks, which really annoys me.)
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You have a wonderful sense of humor and a good grasp on the realities of sex. If you set your profile settings to remove the adult filter the asterisks will can then even say "****" if you want

Phew - it is really great to be the EP friend of such a wonderful person xxxx

Good for you!!! This is a wonderful story of achievement. You have a lot to be proud of.
That's got to be really exciting....watching others have sex in the back seat. Mmmmmm.