Up And Running.

my guardian got me to volunteer in a small project, for helping people, but i must not give details. anyway, i saw sadness, pain, courage and humour and wonderful people. with their support over time i got an open university qualification. i also found co-councilling where people support and help each other as equals not as therapist/client.
after university, they employed me part-time, and i continued as a volunteer.
the world of counselling is full of people of every shape make and size but unfortunately black people are few and far between. there are people that i found who accepted my individualistic sexual proclivities, voyeuristic, controlling, fantasy loving, playful, and without any desire for children or family life.
so i think i am getting uptodate with my story now. i have a few girls in my life who are as wild in private as i am and who trust each other. i have recently decided to agree to a special girlfriend to be really intimate with.
there is a blind man who has really taken me to his heart. he is way older than me, impotent after prostate cancer treatment, and the sweetest gentlest lover possible. also, he cannot see my face or my left side and hand where my problems are.
there are a couple of special men too, but not allowed too close to me, but more of that another time.
has any reader of this any afinity with my story?
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What I empathize with is your helpful spirit. What you do in providing understanding and encouragement to others i very good

A wonderful project and it is really great that you are involved. Hope it brings your personal happiness from helping others in this way.

not a helping project , a randy fun relationship lol