You Know You'Re Irish If...

- You're still afraid of the wooden spoon.
- You come home from the beach scalded and finally realise that the Factor 50 everyone was talking about wasn't a nightclub.
- You have the craic at a funeral which leads to a session, provided the deceased got a "good age".
- You drink flat 7UP for every ailment because it cures everything.
- Bosco taught you to count.
- You call the cupboard "the press".
- The person that you insult most is probably your best friend.
- During your youth much of your food was boiled.
- You have no idea how to make a long story short.
- You don't know the words but that doesn't stop you from singing.
- Tea is the solution to every problem.
- And holy water is the solution to every injury.
- You have a gift for swearing.
- You say 'now we're sucking diesel' to show that you are happy with the outcome of the situation.
- You can insert the name of a gardening tool into any sentence and it still makes sense, e.g. 'I had a rake of drink last night' or "I'll be out in a minute, I'm just shoveling down the dinner'.
- You can say "any craic' to a policeman and you won't get arrested.

Anybody want to add anything..? xxxBPxxx
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8 Responses Jan 29, 2013

Good Job

Every problem you had growing up could be cured with "a good boot up the arse!"

You had to boil the food to death otherwise you got "worms in your tissues" or so my grandpa would say.

<p>I still shake when I see a nun with a yard stick ! irishmens biggest problem is thick blood and a shot of Jamesons whiskey in the morning ( or whenever) cures that.</p>

Only part black irish and born in the US...but that wooden spoon hit the nail on the head! (actually it was meant for discipline)
And I do have the gift of swearing (called cussing out here) has gone through the generations in my family! Whack


haha hit the nail on the head there

LOL! I like this :)

Thinks ya got,s it covered their lol

Ah sur it ill be geand no matter how bad it is

A cup of teaa makes every thing ok :)