There Are the Irish and Those That Wish They Were

I hail from the Connolly Clan. My great great grandfather was thrown out of Ireland for horse stealing joined the Popes army then immigrated to the States. He landed in Montana where the Connolly's got into saddle making and still live to this day.  If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough.    Mf (Marifrances)   
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^ Lol

That story about the horse stealing is a story of local men from galway, its a fictional piece of literature, so looks like all of your grandfathers, are liars, or that they are covering us something.

My grandfather told me the same story aswell. Not from montana tho, New England.

Aye so it is! To be true! <br />
<br />
I'd not trade me Irish half for any amount o money in the world!

LOL - my dad told the same story about his grandfather leaving ireland due to being a horse thief.

I married into an Irish family - I hope this counts! LOL I hear Montana is a neat place to live.