I Plan to Be Irish.

When I first saw this Experience, I thought I'm not Irish, but it'd be kinda cool.

That said, I'm curious, because I noticed two people thought similiarly (perhaps) and made it a goal. But how does one have a goal to be Irish? What's the process? Is it a matter of citizenship? Or accent? Or place of residence? Or simply the amount of Guiness consumed (yick)? I'm confused. I always thought there was more to it than that.

But it'd be kinda cool, all the same. Lasses with Irish heritage are frequently very scrumptious.
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Be born in Ireland? lol

being Irish is a way of life not a piece of paper. its all about having the craic!

I'm an Irish girl... And I love the fact that I can drink men under the table and still look sexy!!! Mind you, finding a nice Irish guy is a *****!!!

Sorry redgone, but I don't agree. I'm a 100% Irish lass, and am very proud of the fact that not just anyone can be Irish lol. It has a lot more to it than liking potatoes or Guinness. It has a lot more to it than red hair and leprechauns, pots of gold, and shamrocks. I guess it's just something that you'd have to be Irish to understand. :)

As someone from and living in Ireland, I've always felt that you either have to be born or raised in Ireland to be Irish, though this may just be a negative reaction to all the American tourists claiming to be Irish.

I suddenly am feeling good about myself for being Irish. My wonderful nutty nana is irish and never ceases to amaze me. I remember the time she and her sisters tried to join in on the bouncy castle...aged 75 to 80 :)

Eighty pages/25 sources!! That is indeed a hefty, Guinness sized sort of endeavour! <br />
<br />
*is unsure if it's any substitute for not drinking Guinness*<br />
<br />

My Irish heritage must not be strong enough to overcome my natural aversion to drinking river sludge, or beverages resembling such. I CANNOT stomach Guinness. I apologize profusely to all my Irish ancestors. Perhaps the 80-page research paper and 25-source annotated bibliography I wrote on the Irish Potato Famine in junior year of college will redeem me in their eyes.

You've either got it or you haven't !! Born under a lucky shamrock..<br />
Simple as that..I myself am lucky...I am an Irish lass and love it!!<br />
I can understand why you would want to be Irish but it is a closely guarded secret and even if you marry into an Irish family you still won't be Irish..Sorry<br />

It's not even as simple as citizenship, you have to be<br />
resident in Ireland for 5 years before they will<br />
even think about letting you stay. And you have to be prepared to work, if you can't work in Ireland your out, sure we've enough scroungers of our own.

*tickled* you never cease to amaze me, TTDD. :-)

i'm sure you know the answer to this ... the 'plan to' is not that they are going to become Irish ... it's that they plan to write a story about their experience as an Irish person ... silly bird ...

Irish often have a very different family dynamic, as well as traditions. But I don't think citizenship covers that. Perhaps marry into an Irish family?