Love Being Irish and Proud

I love saying i am Irish,i am very proud. When I got married I had to part with my maiden name it killed me. For years i wanted a tattoo so i finally got one and it is the claddagh with shamrocks coming out of it with my husband and kids name in it,i love it.That is one thing i cant stand is when someone who is not irish wears a claddagh ring and when you ask what does it mean they say i dont know or i didnt know it meant anything. Maybe its just me with a pet My next trip is to Ireland and if anyone out there can let me know what is the best part to visit. thanks
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the south is the most amazing part of Ireland. stay away from the cities and head for the coast you won't be disappointed. if u want to find out your family history let me know.

I have worked all over Ireland and the north west Donegal it the place to see .You land in Shannon and drive from Shannon on wesrcoast up to the northwest keep away from citys you will thank me happy new yearm

iam IRISH (woohoo)lol i love being irish ... and don;t tha clatta ring mean friend ship or something i really want that ring its soo PRETTY

Hmm - I would recomment the South East (but i am very biased) - Kerry is nice too, Galway is a great city...Killarney is excellent - There is a village in Claire I think (Doolin) that is really good too....i could go on!! :)

I can recommend some places in the north of Ireland to visit but Im not sure of many down south but it is a beautiful place and Im very proud to be Irish.