Proud to Be Irish

Ok, I'm really Irish-American, the Irish in Ireland hate it when you call yourself Irish, because you're not really, and I've learned that, but here in America, we just call ourselves Irish.

Anyways, I'm proud to be Irish, unlike many Irish families in America, us Mannions are pretty new. The Irish began to coming to America in large numbers during 1847, know as Black 47, which was the start of the Irish potato famine, caused by potato blight.

102 years later, my grandfather decided to leave the confines of county Mayo up in Connacht on the west coast an get on a plane and move to America, he landed in Boston and has lived here all his life with a strong work ethic. I love my grandfather very much, and while the Irish have by now become a established part of American culture, we are still new to this land, I am only a second-generation American, my father being a first-generation.

I hope to gain Irish citizenship someday which I am eligible for thanks to my grandfather.
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I'm Irish too, but my forefather came to the U.S. in the 1690s, from the Belfast area. Therefore, I remember my grandparents referring to themselves as "Scotch-Irish." <br />
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Despite never having been in Ireland, North or South, I feel a strong affinity for that island. I don't care about the political problems except that my sympathies lie with the catholics. I suppose that's a betrayal, of sorts, of my ancestry. I don't care. I like being Irish, I like the music, I like the spirit, I even like the history.

sure you deserve to get.....

Hi I m glad you love where you live in the states I d love to travel around and see alot of the country but at the moment I ve only really done the really touristy part Florida which was ok but not what I call real America and I do love to travel. and good on you for being proud to be Irish I dont see that as a problem if anyone does its their problem not yours, and you always want to remember your original roots.. I know there are miles between with the states being so big but obviously your are on the east coast (do correct me if I am wrong) and I should imagine although it does not look far on a map a fair way from New ~York , have you been to New York as my uncle has been twice and loved it but now wants to go to New England in the fall. He is very much like me enjoying travelling. Sadly my Grandfather who was a cabinet maker ( as he used to correct me when I said carpenter) passed on about 12 years ago, but we had really good times when he was with me as he lived with me and my parents from when I was born as his wife died a week before I was born so came and lived with my parents, but they are now sadly divorced but get on well as friends. I am in the process of getting divorced myself which I never thought would happen but my husband met a goreign girl abroad while working away and we have not been getting on for some time so thhim saying h had met her and wanted a divorce was not a shock but I found out today that she is now pregnant. So I taking a positive attitude now and hoping that soon I can embark on a new happier life and eventually hopefully meet someone compatible to me as looking back we probably never were. I do think sometimes when going through this sort of thing you feel like you have getting divorced stamped on your forehead and get approach by people but I would not say I am very wary but one night things are not me. I m glad you contacted at least I think it was you who contacted as being so new to this (just a few days) I am still trying to get to grips with the site. But its great to meet new friends and hopefully friends that will stay friends for a long while as you can have many aquantances but real friends can be hard to come by and should be kept aas I ve often found in hindsight that people can tend to appear to be a great friend and then just disappear from your life and you tend to feel a bit used. Any way enough about me it would be nice to hear from you if you d like to contact and let me know what music and films etc you like etc as I would be very interested. I dont want to be presumptious but I can probaly imagine you have watched gangs of new york due to your Irish origin which I have watched several times. My taste in films and music is very flexible as I like most films and an awful lot of different tiypes of music.<br />
Anyway take care and hope to hear from you again. kindest regards and take care of yourself and enjoy what is left of the weekend.<br />

As we say in Cork "upya boya"