My great- grandfather came to America, as an IRA member, in order to escape being hung by the British.  My great-grandmother, his wife, came to America as an orphan.  They raised a family in the Bronx, until he commit suicide.  I am now a third generation American and a first generation Californian after my mother left the hardcore Irish neighborhood she grew up in.  My family members are proud to be Irish-Americans and they are still living in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Boston, where many Irish settled when they first came to America.  Most of my family never left.
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Is there a big Irish community in California? I'm Irish myself and thinking of moving there soon.


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It's good that you know so much about your family history. I wish my mum would have spoken more about hers. I think it gives you an idea of how you got here, who you are, and how you can move on too.