Proud Irish American

I am a third generation Irish American. My paternal great-grandparents came to America from Cork. I never got to meet them. My last name used to be McLally but they took off the Mc to sound more American. I still have family in Ireland. Some in Carlow, Cork and Dublin. Someone in my extended family has a busing company in Dublin so I think that's pretty cool. I was not raised in a strict Irish home but my grandparents were and so was my dad. We still did all the Irish traditions such as the meals and my family is very famous for their Irish drinking and partying. I am very proud to be Irish. I love my backround. My grandfather even gets an Irish accent sometimes. It's kind of funny. I love listening to him and his brother because they will talk with Irish accents since their parents both had one. I hope I will be able to visit Ireland someday soon! =]
KariLalW KariLalW
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My Dad's side of the family hail from County Cork, Ireland too. I am a Kincaid.