Sleeping Alone

We marked our 44th wedding anniversary earlier this month.  We haven't slept in the same bed for over 15 years.  That started when my wife decided that my snoring didn't allow her to sleep.  I got a (painful) operation in my throat to stop my snoring.  It worked, but that didn't bring my wife back to our bed.  She said (says) that I breath too loudly.  I stopped snoring, but I won't stop breathing.  We still were intimate until about 6 years ago.  As our intimacy declined, my wife became ill with a progressively degenerative disease.  By six years ago, our conjugal relatiionship had ended.  She is now wheechair bound and lacks both energy, strength, and interest for sexual intercourse. 

    I'm in my late 60s, but I maintain my physical fitness, exercising everyday and watching my weight.  Retired, my main activity is caring for my wife.  I shop, cook, take care of the house, pay the bills, run all errands, help her get around.  I miss the sexual intercourse.  Without it, I feel that  important parts of my manhood and even my identity has faded away.  Should celibacy be a definite decision that one makes or something that one accepts?  Should I simply accept it as a part of growing old?


KKpaw KKpaw
66-70, M
Feb 26, 2009