I Need Ideas....

I want to make traditional irish recipes for st. patty's day this year. If anyone has any please share. Thanks!

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I seerched for traditional Irish recipes mysef this weekend and found several. Here's a good one: <br />
<br />
www.irishcultureandcustoms.com (good, simple soda bread recipe and many others)<br />
<br />
www.irishabroad.com has some good information as well. <br />
<br />
Tell me how it goes!

Ty for the recipes! I will def. try them out.

Champ is Irish. Mashed potatoes with a little milk, lots of butter and some lightly cooked spring onions. Mutton used to be big but lamb shoulder chops braised in the oven with some stock, covered in foil for at least an hour. Fry briefly to colour them before hand. Vegetables, well any root vegetable but I have made a tray of oven roasted carrot,s turnips, parsnips and fresh beetroot. Cover with butter and a little honey and roast for forty minutes at 180 c.