Despite my being born in Brest, in north western France, where my mother was from, I am Irish raised. We lived in Cork, in the south of Ireland. My father Seamus works for a cruise line, as ships captain, my mother has her own business.

I went to primary school in Cork, and we went to church not far from where we lived. When I was ten we lived briefly in Dublin, but by then my father knew he was being transferred to working out of Southampton, in England, so we moved there.

I still have a little of my Irish accent, yes, and we do use Breizh at home, as my mother speaks it before she speaks English.
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Its called good blood....not every1 understands hence why they proud to be proud to be a rebel...

I no ur not :-) I dont no the name of the people from uR neck of the woods and called....cork as in the rebel county....I'd say it dates back to the early 1900's...

So what are ye called...can u not from the land of hearts desire...poetic justice im a yeats county...ah now now dont be gettin bould after all we all no what yer like with yer tempers down that side of the country :-) that I am an im proud of it :-)

Sure it was a give away the lad spent a lot of time round Sligo...ya'd cop it in the twang a mile away :-P what is ur county known as???

Wil ya feck off...the best one...and which 1 of the other 31 would that be??ou dont apologise...I was well impressed with ur rendition there...took me back to wen I was a gousen :-P

What....u never heard that before 2 weeks ago???are u real...are u from Ireland??? How have u not heard that??ah haha haha haha ur dad is more clued n on the scene than u...ur slippin....and ur da is dead right in what he says :-D :-D :-D

O god ur taking me right back now with ur French :-o never had the German but I'd say their language is like their person and their mental :-D but ya gota love em :-P god bless the cupla focal its somethin I've secretly always wanted to do and .will get the chance yet...expand my foclar....

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