Partly, At Least

Yeah, I'm Irish, at least partly.  I love that side of my ethnicity, because it's the most traceable.
I'm part Native American, and part French, with some Spanish and African thrown in...
But if you could see me, you'd probably think I'm a very white Puerto Rican, or Moroccan, probably.
My grandfather is half Irish and half Native American.  His surname was originally McCarty, but when he was adopted, it was changed to a French last name.  So my original family name was Irish, but now it's French.  My family's weird:
Some of us look Irish
Some look Native American
Some look French
Those people married: White Americans, Black Americans, Arabians, Pacific Islanders, other French Creoles, and Filipinos.
We joke that our family is the United Nations!
I love being mixed like this.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's exciting to see what all the new babies look like!
But anyway, I'm really glad to be Irish---at least partly!
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

would you call yourself a earthling HaHA its good to be Irish happy new year

Hooray! Irish Pride!