I Am Irish

I am Irish. and i'm proud of the fact that i am Irish. I remember when i went to London many years ago. i was really homesick and when i went to the local pub the bar staff said something to me along the lines of "you'll have to speak slower because you have a very heavy Irish accent", i was delighted to hear that as it gave me a real sense of identity and of my Irishness.iam verry proud of my irish heritage.
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good for you

PS. I love this country especially when I am coming home from being away. That special feeling of - I'm Home!

I am Irish. But when I'm in Ireland I am always asked what part of England, Australia, sometimes even Germany do I come from. But when I went to London, and I was working as a waitress I was asked if I was a member of the IRA in hiding! I was so shocked I nearly said yes - just to annoy them.

oh i wish u did ??