I Was Born In New York But My Parents Were Irish

My mother came to NY when she was 17 and my Dad when he was 18. When I started school my mother told me if anybody asked, I should tell them I was American of Irish descent. No one ever asked.

I loved visiting Ireland...everyone is so warm. One funny side note. Years ago I saw Christy Moore in a concert in NYC. I was with a friend who kept asking what is he saying etc. And I kept translating. Obviously he was speaking English but there were so many Irish sayings she didn't understand and I knew most of them. And Christy was wonderful. I wish he would come back to New York.

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No one should have to ask anyone what they are unless there is a valid reason for questioning their background (possibility of terrorism, etc.) I'm glad no one asked you - it was really none of their business, anyway. I am about the same age as you are, and am PROUD to say I was born in America, of Irish, German, and Polish roots. It would have been sufficient (I thought) to say American, but I remember that once, in the lower grades, there was some type of form my mom had to fill out and send back with me, and one of the questions dealt with "ethnic groups" - what you were, etc. It was only once, but I always wondered why they wanted to know that in the Chicago Public Schools. STILL don't know to this day.


I love Ireland, and I love Irish people. It's on my list of places to visit

fromnowon they didn't really share much when we were young but when they were in their 80's we took a trip there together. My Dad showed me the stream where he and his brothers found the stones to build the wall in front of their home. Then we visited that home, where my cousin now lives with his family.

How lovely squigglefish.