First Spanking

I had the experience of having my bottom smacked by a mature lady many years ago now which has left a lasting impression.

It was deserved in that I had entered her back garden with the object of relieving her apple trees of some of their fruit but alas happened to get caught.

I was just gone 13, it was a sunny afternoon and I had been for a swim in the sea. Robbing orchards was a favorite pastime back then and it was with the expectation of enjoying some juicy apples that I ended up in this particular garden.

Imagine my surprise to hear a stern female voice ordering me down from the tree when all had been quiet prior to this. I had no choice but to comply and had no way of escape other than to follow instructions. The lady in question was quite mad at this invasion of her garden and as she escorted me into her kitchen she was threatening to call the police and having me charged with trespass and theft (very serious stuff) in those days as industrial schools (reformatories) were places to be feared.

I pleaded with her not to get the police as I had never been in trouble with the law and that I would never rob an orchard again etc etc... after much pleading she decided that she would not call the police but instead would punish me herself as she felt that to go off scott free was not appropriate.

I had no idea what was to follow as she brought me into a study and told me to wait there. After a short time she returned and told me then that she was going to smack me good and hard which I would remember for some time.

She took a leather strap from a drawer in the desk and told me to hold out my hand... she proceeded to give me six slaps of each hand ... I was hopping with pain but at the same time this was nothing new as the leather strap was a common tool used to administer corporal punishment in school.

As I stood with my hands under my arm pits trying to get relief she pulled out a straight backed chair, sat down and instructed me to stand to one side of her. All the while she was scolding me for having dared to enter her back garden etc. 

She said she was going to smack my bottom and that I would not be able to sit for a week.. I was stunned, this had never happened to me before and at 13 !!! help... she ordered me across her lap... which I refused to do..she said that if I was not prepared to accept my punishment she would send for the police ... I reluctantly lay across her lap when without warning she started to smack me with the leather strap. After a number of smacks she told me to stand up and take my trousers off.... I resisted but was warned not to test her patience.. I had no choice and complied.. I took them off my to my embarrassment...

so there I am, sore hands , sore bottom and now standing beside this stern woman with only my underpants on... before putting back across her lap she pulled my pants down to me ankles my hand instinctively went to cover my privates... she told me to remove them immediately and to get across her lap which I did ... she warned me not to try to get up or I would get double the dose - as she applied the strap liberally to my bottom.

After what seemed like an eternity she stopped and told me to stand up which I did without hesitation... my bottom was on fire and I started to rub it noticed that I had a very erect penis... I did'nt know where to put my hands....madam was amused to see my predicament and when I tried to pull up my pants to cover myself she told me to stop.. quick as a flash she had me back across her lap but instead of the strap she began to rub my stinging bottom with her hand... what an erotic experience that was.. first time ever had that done to me...

I will leave it to your imagination as to what happened after that but if you want to know you can always message me....... one thing though I never did rob anything again after that experience.


henryg henryg
51-55, M
Nov 11, 2009