Half And Half

I am Irish and Scottish..........So one part of me wants to drink, the other part of me doesn't want to pay for it.

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LOL, thanks for the laugh, i needed that

Not many people know this but the Scott's originated in Ireland from a clan called the Scotties who took with them bagpipes, kilts and haggis

My dad was born in ireland, guess I'm about half irish too. Lots of freckles but not red hair.

LOL!!!!<br />
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Oh MY! That is quite a problem! You are very funny. <br />
Needed a good LOL! :)

Hey Rich! Un4tunately I DO get freckles when I'm out in the bright sun for too long. Which I try to avoid at all costs. Yes, I'm quite white, and you're quite right! That's a beautiful proverb! Thanx :)

Hi 'Elusive'.....So glad you enjoyed this, will try and come up with more...In the meantime, I will leave you with an old Irish proverb, which is quite fitting per your own description.....<br />
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A face without freckles is like a sky wiithout stars.

Hey 'heregoes', my condolences on, well, everything.....my guess is that your choice of potatoes would be sweet.

I'm 100% Irish, though I'd never given it any thought really.(Probably bc the people who adopted me were Cherokee Indian&German.) I did enjoy drinking when I younger! I'm definitely thankful(especially sice it hasn't all fallen out yet) for the curly blonde hair(reddish@times), the bright blue eyes&peaches-n-cream complexion. Tho I'm xtremely light sensetive(eyes especially). A few years ago some1 told me that I should be proud of my heritage, 100%! I've learned quite a bit since and still learning. The music is absolutely beautiful. My FAVorite is ~Celtic Woman~ I cannot wait, the countdown is on for the release date of their new dvd&cd(not posting dates or prices bc EP prohibits ads of any kind). Tho this is far from any sales pitch! Your comment had me lmao!! I'll leave you with an Irish Proverb that seems fitting: Drink is the curse of the land. It makes you fight with your neighbour. It makes you shoot@your landlord and it makes you miss him~

I am Irish and Scottish. I have freckles and blush easily, and having a small penis doesn't help. I wear a skirt so i can be sexual with potatoes.

My pleasure.....Glad you enjoyed it!!