I'm Irish, And I'm Proud Of It

I'm 100% Irish born in Kilkenny, Ireland and I am very proud of my heritage.  I didn't always used to be proud of it until I met someone about 4 years ago, who is Welsh, but resides in the US.  I came to the US for school, and he was my neighbour for my first year.  He is a medieval fanatic, which I firmly respect, and he really showed me a connection I always had with my heritage, but I never acknowledged.  He has lived in the US most of his life, and he hasn't been home to Wales since he was 6, and he began talking about what he missed about it, and how when he travelled to London a few years back, that he hadn't been so excited in years, and he welled up with tears telling me this.  At first I was a little taken aback.  Then I realised what it meant to him, and how connected he was with his roots.  It made me see myself in a whole new light, and I will forever thank him for that.  so.... I'm Irish..... and proud of it   :)

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lmao... you weirdo lol but true.. true

I have, and I absolutely agree! I need to read it again in face because its been a while, but thank you!<br />
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