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my heratage is all IrishI feel strongly for both countries it is such a pity that they politically do not see eye to eye,and i fear never will.I have no intention o going down those well trodden roads as to why there is friction between my two countries,least to say i fear the problem will never be resolved.There are Irish people scattered all over the world however i feel in Europe they are considered a small island that stays neutral on all things.The Irish people as a community are very warm and welcoming something that has been lost here in the UK,people here are kind of cold to others they do not know,you can live in your Road for weeks without qany neighbours saying "hello" or "lovely day",this is not the case in Ireland.I would recommend persons from overseas to visit either country both have a wealth in heritage,i feel so torn between the two countries when matters of clashes arise,however in my heart i know Ireland have suffered terribly at the hands of the English....woops wont go any ffurther on that issue.So from me,i would recommend people from far overseas who do not know much of Ireland(EIRE) to pay a visit,there is allways a warm welcome on the mat

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I was born in Ireland, lived in England for a while now Australia, I found the British very kind and generous as are most people given half the chance. I dont think we can judge any nation on the few

southernstar2030,well your comment has not contributed anything worthwhile,please take note of what EP says when posting a reply to a story "authenticity,support and respect",your comment about the English was totally uncalled for !

i have ep friends and know british citizens and they all dis-like foreigners being there.i don't get it,i was on your side with predjiduce,as we have pleny here.don't know then what your saying.good bye and good luck.

here in us people hate fat,short bald,those whose job is not impressive and goes on and on.hate hate hate.where i live if haven't been born here ,won't talk to one.very lonely here but financially stuck here.can you go back to ireland?i hear england is snobbish.

BelleNoel,one day I will return,sell up and re settle in my beautiful home country.

Hello Garvin. Nice story here. I just cam upon it. I too am of Irish decent. All of my ancesters originally came to the US from Ireland. The most recent was my mother's father, who came by way of the Panama Canal (where he was a laborer. I was lucky enough to have known him as a kid. I was to Dublin as a young man, and the people were generally warm and friendly. Beautiful country, Ireland. I have a favorite pub near my home that draws a good mix of Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, Austrailians, Canadians and New <br />
Zealanders. I have found all to be warm and friendly people, and I count many as good friends. Perhaps its that we are all a good way from home.

And to you,I hope you had a wonderful time.

Deliliah,you are honest and true as the day is long,bless you !

I do not get your point at all,please remember I am 100 % Irish,I just happen to currently live in the UK,I will be returning home to my country of birth to retire.<br />
You have raised the issue of the six counties NOT me,I avoid entering that debate and leave it to the politicians to resolve the issues.

Its funny how only when you're sensitive to these things that you notice them! Sure the Queen came here to Ireland last year and we were delighted to see her, standing side by side with our President at the garden of remembrance and everything! I agree with the friendliness aspect but the English have their joys too, I think both nations are trying to put it behind us and connect more and I hope both sides continue to make that effort, please don't ba<x>se your opinions of us on that small minority who are still 'dying' for the six counties, we can be neighbours and friends :) xo

My reply is out of sequence for some reason and is above your entry,please do not jump to conclusions !

Hi garvan,<br />
my heritage is Irish too, but I have to go back to 1760 to find my Irish roots. I am living in London but it is London Ontario Canada. My original ancestor came to the colonies as a teacher from Newtonards in County Down, well before Northern Ireland was established. I have not been able to visit the emerald isle, but it is on my bucket list.

Good to meet you :-)

Wow you have done your research,it is a beautiful friendly country and I am sure you will derive a lot of pleasure from it :-)


That takes me back "good floury spuds" the Irish LOVE THEM,ten nearest you can find to them in England is Maris Piper,never peel them boil them in their skins and watch when cooked they will split to show their floury centre smiling up at you!

couldnt agree more. i was born and rared in england and growing up in the 70s and 80s it definitley wasnt trendy to be irish. one thing i have noticed though is since the boom of the "celtic tiger" sections of ireland are becoming as unfriendly as england. but on the whole the irish are far more friendlier than the brits. looking forward to spending xmas ireland and getting stuck into a plate of floury spuds. good luck sir!

Couldn't agree more with you! I am also English with an Irish heritage and I can't believe the difference in the two countries seeing as they are so close to each other! I'm hoping to go back to my Irish roots and live happily ever after!! :)

Thank you all for your kind comments.

My grandparents were from ireland,your right about the friendlyness ironicly my neighbour was born in ireland.He is a good man,and we get on well and help each other.I have been trying to help him track down long lost family he was adopted in 1955.But so far no luck,i enjoyed reading your story thankyou.

Couldn't agree more on the warmth issue!<br />
<br />
I got stopped at the weekend by a random to ask me where I was from etc because I was wearing my Munster rugby jersey. I was so shocked that someone stopped me in the street, I didn't know how to respond for a second!

Hi again garvan, yes he was at Gallipoli but he wasn't amonst the first contingents. It was a massacre for them. Tragic.<br />

Thanks for the reply,Dublin is indeed a beautiful city and well worth a visit.Your grandfather was a very brave man,i hope he never saw the tragidies at gallopoli.

Hi Garvan :), I live in Australia but my heritage is Irish and I'm proud of it. My grandfather was born in Dublin and migrated to Aus in 1912. In 1915 he joined the Australian Armed Forces (ANZAC) during WW1 and was a member of the legendary Australian Light Horse Regiment. He returned home (Aus) after the war in1919, but sadly he died in 1939, eleven years before I was born. But I wish to someday go to Ireland and visit his birthplace of Dublin.<br />