I Hate Responsibility!

I just hate responsibility and will try almost anything to avoid it.  I never volunteer to do something if i know somebody else can do it.
Constantly leave important things to last minute. Take unnecessary risks. Spend money i was supposed to save. If im in trouble ill think of 1000 ways of blaming someone other than me.
Im 21 but still fell like im 16 and i find it very weird that society treats me like an adult. Personally i dont see much difference between now and then. 
I miss school couse it was such a carefree time. The bigest punishment you could get was a detention or suspension. And you had loads of people caring about you (teachers and other school stuff) who did everything to make you comfortable + parents at home. It was the best time in my life.
Uni was a big disappointment couse there you are officially considered "adult"  and nobody really gives a ****. But you have a hell more responsibility.
I might just be very immature but it really upsets me that people demand with every year you become more and more responsible.
Perhaps thats why i really dont want children or to get married. Couse that just adds more responsibility. Now you have to care not only for you but also for other people....take life seriously. Thats definitely not for me. I'd like to be as free from all this as i can.
For the same reason i dont drive.

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May 8, 2012