I'm not sure what it is about this place but I can't have a regular conversation with any guy without them bringing up nude pictures, skyping or talking about s3x. I'm not doing it with you.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Not all of us are like that. However, if friendship grows and the more I get to know someone sex will be brought up. Not saying in the way of hitting on someone but, o am male and I think about sex (even at my age) all day long. I am not into cyber, picture trading etc... But in a normal conversation it will come up

Sex is an intimate action supposed to be shared between a couple with strong feelings toward one another. If the topic of a conversation is about sex then yes it will be in conversation but really? Sex does not come up in 'normal' conversation unless 1. It is being implied by one of the party or 2. You are only having the conversation to find a way to bring it up. Sex is not for friendship but for relationship. If you are thinking about sex 'all day' I suggest therapy because that my friend is a sign of frustration and is not healthy even for a male. Which by the way is why a lot of the female population see our gender as chauvinistic for comments like that.

amj24993, the idea that sex should be between two people in love is a great way to think. That one part I would agree with. The rest of the opinions that you have wrote down I have found in the 42 years I have been on this earth not to be accurate. Sex does not get brought up with an acquaintance however, If I am surrounded by friends sex gets brought up by someone. (always does and by women and men) I am not saying the way you think is wrong just not how it is in my 42 years of experience. As for why women see our gender they way you state, I would say that is because on social networking so many men are trying to cyber or get nude pics of women. Not because simply a topic of sex being brought up.

Unfortunately I find myself having to agree with most of what you have said in your last message. However I would like to point out that you are saying it gets brought up when you are surrounded by friends, this I completely agree with but it contradicts your point that it gets brought up in 'normal' conversation which is the point I was referring to. And I stand by my point that the male gender is generalized like this because it is a view point of many women that we think about sex ALL day. You may think about sex all day but don't put the reasoning of that down to you being male because this is not the case for our entire gender.