Venting About Stupid Ppl

So today was a good day with my fiance, i got to go get my engagement ring from getting sized and we got back to our town and i got a text. Asking if i've heard the rumors about me, i was like and she said that it was that i slept with my ex boyfriend 2 weekends ago...i was like I'm not dumb, duh i didn't sleep with him. then my EX best friend (since 3rd grade) texts me and was like your a **** i heard from your ex you two did have sex your fiance could do so much better than you. well for one you weren't there, for two i was. I know i didn't do it!! and my ex says he didn't tell anyone but thats who she heard it from...DUH i am really really irritated by stupid people!!! sorry if no one likes this but, i just need to vent somehow!!

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

COPY kell457's comment !!

Thanks guys!! Thats exactly what i did to. i just needed to get it out some how. lol

It's sad that people have nothing better to do than gossip and try to make people feel bad in hopes of making themselves feel good. She must be really insecure and/or jealous.....Just let it roll right off your back.