Italian Right From The Go

I am proud to say I am half Italian,My mom meet my dad in Italy in ww two were they fell in love and got married,after a few year staying in Italy they decided to come to America ,where we could have a better life ,however little did my mom know what was a about to happen.
My grandparents treated her like garbage,they would not even let her sit at their table and eat,they would make her go to her bedroom t,what a shame for such a sweet lady to have to put up with this,and no matter what my dad said ,they was always mean to her,until one day my dad said it wa enough and left with us,to build our family together.
After moving away things got better and we had a great family life,I can still hear my moms voice telling me to come in for dinner and my dads voice telling us to take turns doing the dishes.
Mom was a loving caring person,I do not thank there was one person she did not like,she was kind and gentle to every one ,and my grand parents thought their was no one like her after they really began to know her.she was always there for everyone,and they all loved her as much,she was well known for her kindness,and she raised her  three daughter's  to be the same ,if we was not ,boy was it on.
Dad on the other had was the man of the house and once he told you to do something ,you better do it or you was in trouble,I guess it was because he was military.
My dad never once hit us ,his voice would ring from the rooms like thunder, he was never abusive and loved his kids,and of course me I was a daddy's girl,I can remember one time he took me with him to get his pay cheek and I wanted a soda ,so he stops at a bar runs to get it,when he came out a officer was with me standing out side the car,he told my dad ,you never leave a child in the car,and gave him a ticket,my dad only laughed and told me that was the most expensive soda he ever bought.
All in all we had a wonderful life,and a nice little .family ,the trips to Italy was amazing,but I never could figure out how The Leaning Tower of Pisa  has never fallen lol.
Mom and Dad are both in Heaven now together,and is missed by everyone ,however they live with in our hearts and memories,and of course in me ,b every one that sees me can tell I am my moms daughter .I look allot like her,the other two girls are like my dad light skin .with Blondie hair and blue eyes,and me dark skin black hair and green eyes,lol the odd one of the family ,and oh yes my sisters still tease me that I was adopted.
emeraldeyes98 emeraldeyes98
41-45, F
Aug 26, 2010