I Come From Italy

I'm italian. That means i was born here and i grown up here. I've been facing a lot of stereotypes especially traveling for work. Some of them are just offensive. Instead of different you're labelled as inferior, and this happens in northern europe a lot. English people call you Spaniard and if they drunk their *** of they might just beat some random spanish, greek or italian guy who's alone. They can't tell the difference and they claim is some sort of vengeance for the latin invasion. Then there's mafia. Well, if you don't want to get along with me that's a good way. I can't stand people who idolize the godfather while the tragedy of mafia killed so many innocent lives and corrupted our system to the core. Talking with hands is another thing. That depends a lot from personal education.
The food is another thing. Every italian agree on one point: we have our problems, but our food is the best in the world. By food i mean taste as well. To sit down and enjoy a meal without stuffing, talking with friends and have a good time at the dinner table, that's something we share with all lower europeans. Some might say: 'we do that in my country as well'. I can tell you this, it's different. English people have polite spleen. Americans say the blessing and work to make everything comfortable. We just play ourselves, that makes it special.
But the real point about being italian is that there's not just one true italian. Every little town has its own thing, its own say. I usually say this to my foreign friends: 'You can tell you are in Italy when moving for 50 km you'll find bread have a different scent and different making process'.
It's not italian, it comes from italy.
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hhmmmm and why would anyone think italian is inferior people i thought it ends from the time Hitler in 1940's hhhmmmm well i know italy have different provinces but the most known thing about italian people is their accent and thats make them easily pointed out of the crowd when they say something....

I totally agree. I live in France, and there isn't a only france but many little countries with their own uses.
Stereotypes are probably the worst things to prevent people for meeting and sharing.
I disagree with you about one thing : italian cooking is one of the two better cookings in the world !

You get me there, i love french food. I especially dig fois gras and the way you cook meat. While I was in Niece I couldn't stop searching for little restaurants, it's incredible how mixed (and cheap) the food was. I've been to Alsace, Provence, Camargue and Cote Azur but I still haven't got the chance to visit Paris. But our countries compete always on three things: wine, cheese and soccer :). I honestly think we can even on many things. Even if I support AcMilan, I think Zinedine Zidane was one of the three most amazing player I ever saw live.

I don't like soccer so much, but I can say Italian teams are great. I prefer rugby, as I live near toulouse, and I'm glad to see national Italian team becoming better and better in the 6 nations !

I like rugby too :) I'm almost into every sport. I love ac milan though, i can't help it

You're perfect so !

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I'm glad you liked it! I think the world is a beautiful environment, wherever you go there's so much to learn and to take in! Talking about bread...my italians friends couldn't believe when i told them the best bread I've ever taste was in a little town in West Virginia.
I like to travel cause it really does open your mind to tolerance and respect under every aspect of life.
I was lucky, my parents sent me to UK and Ireland since i was 4 to learn the language. I've stayed in host families and have summer camp with their kids. You can't imagine how many difference there are in children education. I actually prefer the british/english and german tongue countries way. Italians pamper up their kids in a wrong way, plus girls have to endure a very repressive education, while boys are pretty much allowed to express everything except fear and kindness. I remember i was treated as a little kid, nothing less and nothing more, encouraged to independence and self confidence during those summer months, while during the year i was marked as rebellious.
Europe is something to be seen, but it's just a small portion of the world. I've been traveling to east lately (Prague, Vienna, the amazing Budapest and St Petersburg) but i really want to see more of Asia. I've done just Kuala Lumpur. I've heard you can take a train ride from Milan to Bangkok. You change the first train in Venice, then you travel throughout seven countries (China included). It normally takes 15 days, but it would be nice to stop every now and then.
I'll write more of my travel experiences if you'll like them :)