Italian Hillbilly

I am the product of italian parents, both of which migrated from Naples, Italy as newlyweds. So being born in the South has been quite interesting, especially since I didn't marry an Italian man myself. My father is quite the stud so I have a kind of love/icky relationship with him as I am his little principessa but I hate it that he cheats on my mom who is a Saint. I live in a world of Guido vs. Bubba which is interesting for sure. The funniest thing to me is when my dad thought he would go hunting with my husband. He bought these heavy wool hunting clothes off the Internet like the hunters wear in Italy with what is best described as masculine tweed Capri pants with a matching overcoat. I cooked breakfast for my two men that morning and I thought my husband was going to have a coronary when he saw my pops outfit and had to go out in public with him. Even worse, my pop brought home a trophy deer and my husband didn't bring anything home. He was pissed and I loved it.
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Too funny. My family came to the South from Boston, so we were a bunch of Northern yankees living in the South, back in the eraly 70's. Never got into thunting or fishing

Thought you might like hearing my experience with a 'Guido'. I live and was brought up in Indiana, but obtained a masters degree from Southern Illinois U. many years ago. The fellow who had created and headed the Rehabilitation Institute there for decades was a fellow by the name of Guy (Guido) Renzaglia. He was raised in a Minnesota mining town, with parents from Italy. He retired from the university at age 60 and then started his dream of a vineyard in southern Illinois. There were no vineyards in Illinois at that time. He is now recognized as the catalyst of the Illinois vineyard business. Guy passed on at age 92 in the Nov., 2011.

lol this made me smile, thank you, you know I am neapolitan, but I feel deply hillbilly.. if you think about there are a lot of similiarities between south italian people and southern americans well apart the dressing style ;)

LOL, I know a guy who calls himself an Italian hillbilly, so I know where your coming from.

It's nice to know our parents can still embarrass us at our age.God bless them,I would've loved to see the look on your husbands face at the beginning and end of the hunting trip.

Great story. :)