Guido's? Please!

My parents were both from the Naples area in Italy. They married there at young ages then moved to this area for my dads job. I'm very proud of my dad, he's a brilliant man and very good looking. My dad worked as a scientist before retiring for a very important national laboratory near where we live.
My mother never worked. She was always the perfect mother. I try very hard to be half as great a mom as she has been to me because no one could ever repeat or equal her gifts as a parent. She is still amazing. They tried to have other children but I was all they have.
As a child, my parents took me to their home country many times so that I would know my family, my culture, my language and my history. It was very important that their daughter identified with who she is and where she came from. I love Italy and I am proud of my heritage...most of the time.
My parents grew up in Procida. Procida is a volcanic island right off the coast of Naples. It's still pretty much untouched by the tourist trade and is a fantastic representation of the true Italy my parents remember. So most of my extended family either live in Procida, Naples or along the Amalfi Coast area.
My experience in an Italian family are quite different from what I see on television from the more Americanized versions of culture. Some are quite similar but I just don't get the Guido thing at all. That's not what how Italians act or live. It's purely an American creation in my opinion.
I think that young Italian American boys are fascinated with the gangster culture so they try to emulate the few parts they actually understand and which contribute to the lifestyle they most want to live which mostly involves a lot of drinking and *******. But that's a very simplistic view of Italians which bothers me a little.
When I think about how intelligent and kind and beautiful a man my father is and how important his work has been to this country, I feel sick to think that someone would identify him as a Guido. Yea, he was a bit of a ladies man but he is much more than that.
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My maternal grandparents are from northern Italy... Genova and Toscana valley. They were humble and loving and they certainly knew how to eat well!. They moved to the US when they were teenagers. My grandfather forbade the children to speak Italian at home because he wanted them to lose their accent (so they wouldn't be considered Guidos at school). He was a great man. I will always cherish growing up in the same town as all of my Italian relatives.

bonjourno italia.... love italy... and have been to the Amlafi coast a few times... its soo beautiful