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Half Italian Actually, the Other

My father is full blood Italian, and my beloved mother is a beautiful Irsih woman, god rest her soul, and I am very proud to have both pieces of them in me!

SassyBabe39 SassyBabe39 46-50, F 9 Responses Jan 4, 2009

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I am also half Italian and half Greek , I ve never meet another person with that heritage , I would not be going to far out in a limb to assume your a passionate person , Yasou from my Greek half my Italian half does not speak or write well , Andreas




so would to see Italy before my days end, and Ireland as well!!

Ciao' Bella,
i just happened to trip over this piece. i too am half "guinea" and also have a hankerin' to go and see the "old Country.
i have cousins that i've never met and would much like to meet them....
ya wanna come along?

Ciao, family was from Foggia Italy..I'd love to visit that town .It would be amazing to walk in their shoes.

how big is your family alicia97?

yeah it gets pretty loud, half get along, half do not, it is funny to watch sometimes :)

Haha, wow, I bet your family gatherings get loud! My aunt is Irish and my uncle is Italian, and it's like total chaos when we all get together!

I am an Canadian...I live in Prince George British Columbia......which we are so burried in snow right now! we are about a thousand miles from Alaska...yeah way in the north :(<br />
I am proud of where I come from, a piece from each of my parents.