In Love With My Italian Blood

I am in love with having Italian and Sicilian blood!

Although I was not always. I live in Hawai'i, which is a very multi-racial state. I mean, you won't only get one answer when you asks someone what their ethnicity is. They will give you a whole list! Most will say, "Filipino, Hawai'ian, Samoan, German, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Japanese, Micronesian....etc. etc"

I am not saying there are no whites down here, but it sounds like being white or non-local white (which Hawai'ians call the local whites-hapa), is a bad thing. Usually when there is someone white at our school, everybody makes fun of them and labels them as, "white boy" or "white girl."

Which is why I was afraid of admitting my Italian blood to every body as a young girl. I have always told every body that I am Japanese and Filipino (but I do have Filipino blood--half Filipino in fact). Everybody believed me. I thought they would look down on me once I told them about my Italian blood. But no! They did quite the opposite reaction! They were actually fascinated! Even my US History teacher was! She was like, "I have an uncle that is Italian! Does your father know how to make pasta?" It was pretty funny and I felt very relieved!

I am not afraid of telling the truth about my race any more although everybody asks me that! I am actually Filipino, Italian, Sicilian and Spanish. I do not care what the locals here think anymore. I will be loud and proud about my Italian blood no matter where I am :)! 

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trust me there is nothing wrong with who we are my grandpa is from italy and my dad was born in sicily im mixed also just like you thats why i love this story you found your inner self a true italia viva la italia mama

@leche08 wow maybe that's why I look so good ;P haha nah juss kidding ; )