"only In Jamaica "

Only in Jamaica, citizens have to protect police from gunman.
Only in Jamaica, you'll have police cars parked at rum bars.
Only in Jamaica, can people strike everyday just not to go to work.
Only in Jamaica, gal fat up demself wid foul pill and bleach out dem
skin wid toothpaste.
Only in Jamaica, prisoners are allowed to have cell phone fe run dem
operation and report warden to dem posse.
Only in Jamaica, the Airport people can tell you bout yuh parts and
there is nobody to report them to.
Only in Jamaica, when you go t a restaurant, the waiter tells you
hold on so he can watch the football game.
Only in Jamaica, tief tie up security guard and steal him German
Shepherd Guard Dog.
Only in Jamaica, you can step up and step down in a bus same time.
Only in Jamaica, you can borrow somebody else side of the road fi
drive pon till yours get better.
Only in Jamaica, the more mess politician mek is the more pay dem
Only in Jamaica, SUV can' pass road test.
Only in Jamaica, you have bicycle-by shootings.
Only in Jamaica, the Gulf-War still affect gas price.
Only in Jamaica, can a thief hold you up and ask you to walk wid more
money the next time.
Only in Jamaica, police go to arrest a thief without a handcuff.
Only in Jamaica, do you see a driver and a passenger in a cab sharing
the same seat.
Only in Jamaica, police are afraid of criminals.
Only in Jamaica, is the greatest tourist attraction a Rent-a-Dread.
Only in Jamaica, can Ganja be the best form of agriculture in the
Only in Jamaica, can you be taxed for excessive use of oxygen.
Only in Jamaica, does every one drive a deportee and the less
fortunate, a Lada.
Only in Jamaica, can you report a crime in progress and the police
tell you to stop interrupting the domino game.

You know you are in Jamaica when even the baddest D.J. becomes a
Yuh have potholes so big when yuh drop in, yuh can come out.
You know you are ina Jamaica when someone is wearing a bubble jacket
in 100 degree heat because "dem waan ina de lick"
You know you are in Jamaica when the last general election was called
a bashment.

You know you are in Jamaica when it is 96 degrees and you need no
shade...because nowhere else in the world could you go and find such
peace of mind and contentment wid so much madness and confusion at
the same time.
same time.
Once upon a time every J'can come from Kingston, now dem seem to come
from everywhere but Kingston. "
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1 Response May 18, 2012

LOL my girl yuh no easy ah rass but ah true still

jah kno star, mi never know seh them did even have jamaican page pon dah site yah lmao.. ah search mi search up di place and buk up pon yup stories dem. but yeh man bless up

yeh man ;)