Love Being Jamaican To Bumboclaat :)

Being a mixed has it benefits, but i consider myself 100% Jamaican ok (u zeet). Our way of life n culture is simple fascinating. Our accent, the way in which us females move our bodies,our beauty n self confidence. I wudnt have it any other way. Dont get started on our food, damn that **** is Good as ****. Men from various countries are attracted to us for what ever the reason, for me its them hispanics, ayyee them papi chulo's, anywho but the most common ones are the way in which we dance and how we dedicated to our men. But unfortunately some women cannot live up to these stereotypes. BUT OVERALL IM SO PROUD TO B JAMAICAN. MEN FYI WE R NOT CRAZY I HEAR THESE STEREOTYPES ALL THE TIME.. WE ARE JUST PASSIONATE PEOPLE.. YUH ZIMMI (U FEEL ME) LOL
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The most upsetting thing about Jamaica is it attitude to gay people. I read an appalling story of the death of one young man there.
This is particularly upsetting because at one time in Britain Jamaicans were constantly complaining about incidents of "prejudice". But on this subject they seem highly intolerant.

That is slowly changing in JA. Killing people due to their sexual orientation is always wrong.

I'm Jamaican by the way.

you sound like a very awesome lady

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