I Am Sansei

I am Sansei (third generation Japanese) and my parents are Nisei. I was born and brought up in Hawaii. I have 2 younger sisters and an older brother. My parents always socialized with other Japanese groups and us children were expected to do the same. My first boyfriend was a Caucasian, although my parents did not openly object, it was not hard to see they didn't approve. My siblings were not so discreet, especially my oldest sister who took every opportunity to embarrass me and my boyfriend. Ethnic purity is fast becoming a thing of the past in Hawaii. The mixed ethnicity group is the majority today. Pure Japanese still make up over 20% of the population but I expect in the next generation it will be under 10%.

Being Japanese in Hawaii, I was accepted ever where with no discrimination. When I came to the mainland, I didn't know what to expect. I am living with my aunt so I was eased into mainland living. School here, at least where I go, is fully integrated. I have friends among all ethnic groups. I tend to socialize with Asian and Caucasian groups but have dated Latinos and one black. Don't get the idea that I'm slutting around, such is not the case. A date for me ends on my doorstep with maybe a short kiss after several dates. I intend to be a virgin on my wedding day.

Chigeko Chigeko
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Being from Hawaii and 100% Japanese but yonsei, I can definitely agree that ethnic purity is a thing of the past. (Can't say for 1st and 2nd gen though).

Hawaii has quite a few Japanese. Maui seems to have the largest nisei-sansei population. Do you know Mr. Hasegawa Hanaside?<br />
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I would recommend NOT waiting until you are married. There are a great many people who discover they are sexually incompatible. I am not saying sleep with every guy, but rather sleep with those you feel a very strong connection to and could see marrying. Without trying to sound too cold hearted, would you buy a car without driving it? And rare do you keep that more than a few years. Marriage is a very longterm commitment.


lol ok im a hapa too but half hispanic.. i feel like japanese overglorify eurasians maybe just japanese from japan but then again i do see it alot in the states

Where I came from they would call you happa haole or just happa.

I'm half Japanese, my mother was born in Mito Japan. What would you call me?