Half Japanese

My mother is japanese while my father is a mix of german, dutch, native american and irish. I speak japanese fluently and actually spent the first 16 years of my life there. I love the culture, the food, clothes and the people. I never felt that I had to identify with my japanese roots because I spent most of my life there, but upon moving to the states i feel myself holding on. trying to keep a grasp on my japanese roots because I feel if I don't then i will lose it.

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I am Half Chinese and half Japanese..I go all the time to China and stay with relatives.But i've never been to japan yet see all my other family..One day i hope to when dad decides to go :)

Have one daughter who is fluent and laughs at my Japanese and one who is finally learning again and comes to me with Japanese question (well maybe as a last resort because you need to make an appointment to talk to her sister on the phone!)<br />
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I am thinking of leaving them here and moving back there. I actually feel more at home there than the US. I grew up in a time where there was some civility here.

I love Japan I really do but I have grown quite fond of having space in the states, being able to have your own private bubble and not feel smashed in a train is kinda nice.