A Quick Statement

I'm half Japanese but in fourth grade I was surprised that not everyone owned a rice maker.

It's weird being half since the white kids consider you Japanese while the Japanese kids consider you white.

It's like living in limbo, but I like it.

It just comes with it's quirks.

I'm really offended when my health teacher claims that SPAM is the worst food on the planet.

He is obviously not from a Japanese family!

Also, on New Years I always have to have mochi soup for good luck.

I think there is way to many things that Japanese people experience to list here but I just thought I would say, yup, I am Japanese!

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hi :) i'm from hawaii. i am half chinese, 3/8 black and 1/8 choctaw indian. i grew up with japanese, chinese, filipino, korean, black, white, hawaiian, indian and samoan. i know how you feel bout the racially impartial treatment. i find it amusing about the rice cooker since i grew up with rice cookers, musubi and sushi makers, spam, fish, etc. i LOVE plain mochi when it is gooey and coated with flour.<br />
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one of my mom's best friends from school is japanese and my mom is chinese. and i and her kids grew up together and i was raised with chinese traditions. i also took japanese 1 and 2 in high school as well as had to study about japan for its culture cause of the bombing of pearl harbor.<br />
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always nice to meet a fellow asian. have a great day.

Ha ha, every one owns a rice cooker, i can't help laughing!

SPAM? in Japan? I lived there 14 years never saw or ate any, but then I have only eaten it once in the US.<br />
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My younger daughter circles asian and caucasian on forms. One woman was stupid enough to tell her she could not DO that.<br />
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Daughter hooked her thumb towards me (white as white can be) and said does HE look asian to YOU? That is my father.

I'm half japanese the other half is hispanic i look more hispanic and maybe just my eyes you'd do a double take and think there's something asian about them lol and to add to it my father + his family all still live in japan so for the past 4 or 5 years (im 19) i've been struggling to find who i am and really feel comfortable with being japanese as in like without feeling embarassed to say it finally i can speak it but i just don't really feel part of that community yet so.. there's abit of jealousy towards those who grew up with both their cultures especially the japanese one

I am half Japanese, my father was in the Navy my mother is from Mito Japan. Most people have considered me Japanese all my life. In grade school I was never accepted in the popular groups. Things changed in college. Men were extremely attracted to me because I looked Asian.I did not welcome their attraction because I was very shy. I met my husband in college, I loved him so much, we were divorced last year.<br />
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God how I loved New Years when I lived at home. My mother fixed so many good things for New Year. I haven't seen my parents in almost 2 years. I can't fix New Year food like her but I still have my Ramen at the stroke of midnight on New Years eve. <br />
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I would love to visit Japan but know it would be impossible for me. I suffer from severe paruresis that prevents me from flying. In fact paruesis prevents me from doing just about every thing. I only leave the house to go to work and on short shopping trips.

Its funny that you mention how both white people and Japanese people see you. I have also experienced that. I'm half Japanese but to all these American people I'm Japanese. When people ask where I'm from and I say Japan they say "WOW, you speak English very well, you don't have an accent" it makes me laugh. I'm half white...maybe that's why I can speak English...lol. Have you experienced that?

yay for you!!