I have been a jashinist for what now maybe nine or ten years and before people start telling me its a religion made up by naruto creator or whatever read this very carefully... I DO NOT WATCH NARUTO i hate manga i don't like anything about it its ******* stupid OK. so i didn't get my religion from naruto. i used to not believe in anything i had a bad childhood. i was beat and beating after beating i began finding pleasure in my pain i loved the sight of my blood. IDGAF if you call me a freak my pain was the only thing that comforted me during my childhood ok so **** off. One day i was reading a religion book for one of my dumb classes while reading i came across jashinism IN A BOOK ABOUT REAL RELIGIONS. and it stated self sacrifice and self harm and agod that actually cares so i tried it i started sacrificing and no i didn't join it because i got to cut myself i finally had something to believe in ok and if you go to extents such as why dont you sacrifice yourself i tried i stabbed myself in the stomach ok ive got scars all over me from where i sacrifice im not a sick and twisted freak i do what i believe in im pretty sure if you were a christian and your god talked to you and told you to sacrifice yourself to show youre devotion youd ******* do it so shut the **** up OK. im here to set the record straight jashinism is a real religion naruto guy used it because one of his characters is immortal and since every character in manga is some kinda ******* senial it was a good choice for him. in my opinion if your here critizizng my religion your ******* stupid because how do you feel if somebody ragged on your religion ok. i hate people who do that **** i am was always will be a jashinist that knows nothing bout naruto or the writer.you know why because JASHINISM IS REAL. this is all ive got to say anybody got questions ask
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Well, I don't like to judge people based on his/her religion, but if one time you ever have problem with your religion or life, just shout "Jesus, help me" because based on my experience, this Man will surely help you and I don't think He's actually bound to any religion because His love is real for everyone.. Hehe sorry if you think this's annoying.. I just want to share my thought and I really thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge :)

Girl I'm a Jashinist too and I say it proudly

Hi I'm seriously considering joining the jashin religion. I have been looking for a way out all my life, these past few months have been torture for me, the mental pain every one else has caused me is unreal, I've lost so many friends because people think I'm insane and it's that reason I've come so damn close to suicide, a few friends had to spend the night with me because I was on the verge of suicide.... But now, now I am sure I have found the light ! I need advice, how should I start off -How should I start my faith in jashin off ? what are the commandments?:0)

To start off simply pray to Lord Jashin. The traditional method of entering the faith is by simply accepting Lord Jashin into your life. Though contemplate VERY carefully before joining the faith. Make sure it's something you truly want to do.

The commandments:

1. "Offer those killed as a sacrifice to Lord Jashin"
Death is a part of everyday life, as is violence. To feed one's family, a cow (or any livestock) must be killed, to protect one's homeland, countless deaths ensue, even to build one's house, a tree must fall and space be cleared. It is an inevitable cycle. To allow the injured to fall into a slow death is no better than the one who has shed the blood of many innocent infants. Instead of mourning over a death, offer the death to Lord Jashin as a way of thanks for the life that was lost. All life is to be respected equally. Life is a precious thing, don't waste it away selfishly.

2. "Do not be fooled for human made pleasures"
Selfish indulgences can lead not only to the harm of yourself, but others as well. Through life you may suffer the pains of temptation, do not give in to the temptations, the pleasures of self accomplishment are far more rewarding. Act not like the drunken fool, but the friend that assists in his time of need.

3. "The children born by those of the faith, shall be raised in the faith"
The seal thou has made with the Lord bears upon not only thyself, but also those that will come after ye.

4. "Once you have joined the faith, the responsibility bears upon you for life"
The mark bears upon thy soul for existence. It cannot simple be washed away, or disappear as a bruise would, thou is bound by the covenant which cannot be broken. Honor the covenant thou has made, less consequences shall be foretold

jashinism is originally derived from hindu religion.i am a hindu too.since i got to know about this religion all i want to say is finding pleasure in pain is insane.and what the **** makes jashinists realise that torture leads to pain.when you feel the real pain and torture of heart then you should know that finding pleasure in pain is not a religion its making fun of religion and god.hinduism has already discarded this belief and i am glad.religion is for belief and pain is not a belief -its a ****

Actually that's false. Jashinism originated from the late Jomon period (14, 000 b.c - 300 b.c ) on the island Shikoku in Japan. Our goal is to understand pain. Just because our faith has different goals than most religions, doesn't mean it's not an actual religion. You believe that pain exists right? Which that in itself does make it a belief.

people who understands pain dont make fun of it.i am not against this religion but with some people who follow it without proper knowledge.this auther too is a NARUTO FAN.its clearly visible from his story.so why accuse other religion to just show off.

I've never known that Jashinism really exists.. I watched Naruto and the Akatsuki guy named Hidan is a Jashinist.. Well he really enjoyed stabbing himself, that's creepy.. I have a few questions I hope they won't be a bother.. Who actually is the Lord Jashin? Is this religion originated from Buddha or Hindu? Are there temples built for Jashin? And are there some sort of specifications for the sacrifices or you just kill? But for us, Muslims, hurting ourselves or others is prohibited and considered as a sin.. Sorry if I'm rude.. I appreciate your explanation.. Thank you.. :)

It's no bother at all. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask away.

Lord Jashin is the God of the Jashinist faith. The faith id believed to have originated from Buddhism and Shintoism. There are three temples that are rumored to be in Japan. Though whether they still stand, or whether they exist at all, has not been confirmed. The sacrifices are only supposed to be in a time of need. Such as when you kill livestock to feed your family, or cut a tree to build a home. The intent is to show our gratitude for such things and to help us be more appreciative of the living and none living things. You're not rude at all. Thank you for asking questions.

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I've only just heard about Jashinism and am a little curious about it. I gotta question, but before I ask, I wanna say that I'm Catholic and don't plan on leaving my own religion. I also want to be honest and say that Jashinism sounds a bit scary to me (I don't wanna sound rude, it's just honest) but that's also why I'm curious. How do you sacrifice? I skimmed through the other comments and got that you hurt yourself (what was it, it has to involve blood, not just hurting yourself?), but does it also include other people? And, is it true that someone who refuses to convert deserves death? Do you really kill for that? If I'm misunderstood in anyway, just let me know. Also, if you can just give any other info on Jashinism and who Jashin is, that'd be nice.

Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but is it like an extreme version of / way of understanding the saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? I've heard of some Jashinists hurting other people in the name of Jashin, but not hurting them more than the kind of pain they've experienced before. Is that normal?

Also, I've very curious, what makes someone want to convert into Jashinism (was that worded right?)?

We usually sacrifice our own blood, when you sacrifice blood must be drawn, but the main teaching of the religion is to understamd pain, I'm assuming that's where you got us hurting ourselves, you cannot give pain you do not know, most jashinist nowadays do not know the pain of death, so therefore are not allowed to kill others, but your assumptions are somewhat correct, just like Catholicism at one point, islam, and christianity, who sought to kill other religions so did we, if you were not a jashinist you were a heathen, but times change and we adapt just like any other religion, we are not the barbarians we are made out to be. Jashin our merciful lord, is our one and only god, while history on the religion and jashin is limited as we were persecuted, for our barbarous ways, but lord jashin brought pain to us, he spoke to the first prophet, and showed him the true meaning of pain which all jashinists strive to understamd, he then sent his prophet to spread his word and to kill any who would not convert, for they were heathens. And unlike many other gods, jashin actually makes his presence known. I'm not trying to persuade you but you wanted me to explain:)

wrong the prophet did not murder those who would not convert and did not even try to force those who wouldnt... he taught respect for others and not to fight without good cause such as defense of self or others yes we should understand pain but not in the sense of enjoying the pain or using it to punish others

Wow, you just made me a lot more interested in Jashinism, like, understanding it and stuff. It sounds really interesting and it was a good idea to compare some other religions, 'cause that's what got me to understand that this isn't just some creepy cult. I'll be honest, it still sounds a bit creepy to me, but I'm pretty sure that's just because I don't fully understand it yet.
What makes someone want to convert? Lets say I wasn't Catholic and didn't have a religion. I would probably still be pretty unsure about converting because I've always been afraid of just the thought of cutting myself or drawing my own blood in some way and you might even say of pain, period. Would Jashinism not be right for me? Or could you say it would be because Jashinism is about understanding pain?
I wanna get this clear. I know it's hard to give the gist of a religion in just a few words, but is the 'point' of Jashinism understanding pain? Like, the 'point' of Catholicism (from my understanding, I'm still learning, as I'm sure you are) is being as much like Jesus Christ as we can.
Do you have any reliable website suggestions that talk about Jashinism? I don't wanna just Google it and read some random crap, like Naruto stuff -.- Or maybe even some book suggestions?

Even if you are afraid of blood and pain, jashinism can still be for you, jashin asks for sacrifices but not specifocally in blood, but that is the most common way us jashinist have chose to show our loyalty, as long as you pray and sacrifice something, maybe such as fasting like catholics do, but do not sacrifice other blood, since you cannot sacrifice your own, you cannot inflict that pain upon others, sadly most websites are run by naruto fans-.- who think they know the religion, but honestly are the most naive ******** ever, there is a book, but their is only 2 copies of this book, and it is very hard to find, I will have to refind it and see where it is the last time I found it, it was in the stanford library, and befire that in the rutgers library

Oh, ok. I've only heard of blood /having/ to be involved, I didn't know there's were other options like fasting.
Thanks for answering my questions :)

Its no problem, and jashin only asks for a show of devotion and a prayer. If you have more let me know.

A lot of Jashinist who claim to be jashinist are not Jashinist but rather Hidianist, It is true that Jashinism has a darker history of blood and sacrifice but that can be said about any religion. Sacrifice comes in many forms because we strive to understand our own pain in such a way that it will help us understand others. We do give blood sacrifices to cleanse the body and release a chemical in to our body that clears the mind.
If you are fluent in Japanese you and close to the areas of tokyo or Washington there are three known books about jashinist ( inshi no jashin) they are considered rare books so you will have to reserve and check them out

this is wrong... the original teachings of the prophet were respect for all life... and with life comes death, and violence (both are a part of daily life) now yes we learn to understand pain but not as a blessing as many think (you dont even need to practice self harm) to understand pain is to understand one another to become one with the world around you (you cant have understanding of another being without understanding the pain they endure) human sacrifice came from the followers who were angry over their loss during the war of the time and twisted the teachings and misinterpreted them. we should not kill a person but if they are dying and there is no way to save them then end their misery, but offer a thanks to lord jashin for the persons existence and life.

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I am a Jashinist, and I have to thank you, my friend and I, well, we've had bad lives, and Jashinism helped us and gave us something to push for, I'd even go as far as to say it save us from killing ourselves, and it always upset us when someone would say its fake and that it's Naruto based. So, for my friend and I, we thank u!

Thank you for sharing with us :) I am not a Jashinist, but I really admire the religion. I think it's fascinating and I think it's really brave of you to express something that is so badly judged out in the open like you did. May I ask you a few questions? Just because I'm interested in learning from a true Jashinist, not from websites, or Naruto fantsites or whatever.

yes feel free to ask away:)

Thanks :)
1. Were you afraid at first to convert?
2. How did you conceal where you sacrificed yourself?
3. Is it mandatory to kill?
4. How does one convert?
5. Are you ever "spoken to" in any way by Lord Jashin?
6. How often should you sacrifice?
7. Would Lord Jashin be angry if the religion was practiced but not as seriously as most other followers?
(I have considered converting, but I just fear something is going to happen. May it be I forget to sacrifice/pray, or I find that I am too ignorant to truly understand pain, or that I'm going to do something wrong. I have a lot of medical problems and I fear my doctors/parents finding scars and cuts all over the place :/)

1. Every choice comes with doubts and hesitates, but after I converted it was all I needed.
2. Well I usually would clean up after myself, but anywhere safe if you need to conceal is fine.
3.no it is not mandatory, only a little blood from yourself will suffice.
4.just like any other religion allow jashins merciful soul into your heart accept him as your god.
5. If you are a true follower jashin will speak in many ways, he will not outright lead you through life as the main ide of jashinism is to understand pain. But he will lead you in the right direction as long as you stay true.
6.atleast once every other day, you can always pray for forgiveness if you go to long.
7. jashin is happy with all followers and is merciful and is happy as long as you stay true and believe.

I hope this helps:)

Ya, it did.. Thanks :) I am a defined athiest (believing in no god) and I wanted something to believe because my life kinda sucks so something to hold on to, ya know? I mean, I was never beaten, but emotional stuff. Anyway, a lot of things I have been reading have really freaked me out and made me hesitant. I was talking to a Jashinist face to face and he was really scaring me which drew me away from the idea of becoming one but you seem normal so I know its not the religion lol. And when I say he was scaring me, I mean he starting saying things like because I am a nonbeliever, I will wander the deepest darkest pits of hell for eternity and if it was legal he would kill me right where I stood. And things like I have to make sacrifices on someone else and since it is illegal to kill people I would have to kill animals and such which I am a total anial lover and feeding my snakes is bad enough ~_~ OH and two more questions: 1. Is there something against, like, lying or anything? 2. Are there any other "commandments" so tp speak such as that? Like about lying, cheating, stealing, etc. Not meaning like inflicting pain when you do not understand pain. More like everyday habits.

There is A LOT more to Jashinism then what you have heard so far, and the 'Jashinist' you spoke to sounds like a Hidanist, or is MASSIVELY misinformed. The main idea of Jashinism that can explain and relates to every other element of it is one: if you don't understand pain, you have no right to inflict that pain elsewhere'. We are encouraged to understand pain so that we know how to use it correctly, for the purposes his gift was given to us for. second: pain=pleasure. we learn to enjoy his gift, emotional or physical. it is a gift after all and though percieved by most as a bad thing, it is actually a wonderful thing once you perceive it as such, or try to learn to. I can't begin to list all of the wonderful benefits and upsides and uses for pain. When used correctly that is, and perceived correctly. That's why its so important to understand pain and know what it will do/cause. how it feels. how it makes you think. what it makes you do. There are many things to learn and understand in this religion, but all you learn in it is what makes it so wonderful.

And yes, there are commandments. and this Hidanist you ran into... he obviously didnt knw the true ones. Only a Jashinist that has been painted white (chosen) can sacrifice others, because only they truly understand pain. There has only ever been one of us known to be painted white before. Because only if you understand the pain of death, and its influences, can inflict such a pain. And I doubt any of us have died... lol. We aren't supposed to sacrifice animals for the same reasons. And with lying? same rule applies. lying to hurt people is NOT something we do, but that doesnt mean lying itself is a sin. It's the purpose and effects the lying has.
The inflicting pain that you don't understand idea is applicable to everyday situations, so we don't have to have so many rules. If you work to really understand it... his ways and his gifts, such things aren't really needed because if you understand it well enough, you'll know for yourself.

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so why are you cutting yourself for your god.. i didn't get that clear.

It's a good and the most common form of dedication.

it's not the cutting that is important, but the blood. And it's not something he demands but something we want to give, to make him stronger and deepen our bond with him.

I would like to learn more about Jashinism

Is there anything specific you want to learn? :3

Kind of everything

Ok. The main teaching of Jashinism is about understanding pain. 'If one does not understand pain than one has no right to inflict it elsewhere'. To better learn this most Jashinist will harm themselves. This is also a good form of dedication. It is however, optional. Fasting and simply praying are also allowed. :3
The commandments:
1. Never leave a sacrifice alive
2. No man made pleasures (sex, drugs, alcohol etc)
3. Any children you may have must be Jashinist
4. Honor thy God in death, blood and sacrifice
5. Once you have become a Jashinist there is no going back
6. The only way to leave is death
7. Pain=Pleasure, Jashinist learn how to either accept pain or simply ignore it
8.Fasting and sacrificing are good ways to show devotion, do so often
There are a few exceptions to the rules. Intercourse is allowed as long as it's for love and not any lustful reasons. Natural drugs are allowed and I believe medical drugs are allowed also as long as there not abused. Alcohol is strictly forbidden. :3

The original commandments (the prophet's commandment): 1. Offer those killed as a sacrifice to Lord Jashin Death is a part of everyday life, as is violence. To feed one's family, a cow (or any livestock) must be killed, to protect one's homeland, countless deaths ensue, even to build one's house, a tree must fall and space be cleared. It is an inevitable cycle. To allow the injured to fall into a slow death is no better than the one who has shed the blood of many innocent infants. Instead of mourning over a death, offer the death to Lord Jashin as a way of thanks for the life that was lost. All life is to be respected equally. Life is a precious thing don't waste is away selfishly.

2. Do not be fooled for human made pleasures Selfish indulgences can lead to the harm of not only yourself, but others as well.Through life you may suffer the pains of temptation, do not give in to the temptations, the pleasures of self accomplishment are far more rewarding. Act not like the drunken fool, but the friend that assists in his time of need.

3. The children born by those of the faith, shall be raised in the faith The seal thou has made with the Lord bears upon not only thyself, but also those that will come after ye.

4. Once you have joined the faith, the responsibility bears upon you for life The mark bears upon thy soul for existence. It cannot simply be washed away, or disappear as a bruise would. Thou is bound by the covenant which cannot be broken. Honor the covenant thou has made less consequences shall be foretold.

Thanks I was thinking about this religion

Is there like a bible like thing

The only known text containing info on Jashinism is titled "Inshi to Jashin". The only problem is that the book is solely in Japanese and can be found in the library of Congress. :3

R the prays like the our father

There are no official prayers in Jashinism. So you can either create your own or simply say what's on your mind (forgiveness, guidance, etc) :3

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Your ****** up in the head, dude you need some serious counselling because that is abnormal.

What's so abnormal about following a religious belief?

How is it ****** up in the head? I'm a jashinist and loyal to Lord Jashin, so tell me that, since it's ****** up in the head do I need counseling? And what's so abnormal about it?

Personally; i agree with him. personally aswell- he does sound slightly messed up; not because of his religion but because of his past problems. I did not know that Jashinism was real; and that must mean that Kishimoto's version is hyped if whart he says is the real deal... he does seem to have the same need to curse like none other like Hida-san. I personally am a christian- but not a preacher. i know what its like to have religions thrust in your face. it is my duty to ask you to look in; but all i really have to say is: im glad that you found salvation in your own pain and understanding, in something that works for you.

The only reason I cussed so much is because people were bagging on my religion, and it made me mad, so I was taking out some anger aswell, and yes I admit I had past problems but I turned out good I'm in college now, and I an still a jashinist

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Wow, that is amazing. I have always wandered if it was real or not. My friend and I have always admired Hidan(Naruto) and to know that it's real is very exciting to me. I would love to know more about Jashinism if you don't mind telling me.

I`m really intereted in the Jashin Religion and I know this may sound so stupid but after I wacthed Naruto I wanted to know if it was real and I found out it was real but none of my friends believe it is. I really want to know more about Jashinism because it came to my interest but I don`t know how to either become a Jashinist or even get good information about it could you please give me more info on the religion?

Jashinism is a religion that started in ancient Japan. The main teaching is about understanding pain. 'If one does not understand pain than one has no right to inflict it elsewhere' To better learn this most Jashinist will harm themselves. This is also a good form of dedication. Fasting is also a good form of dedication. Jashinist believe that Lord Jashin gave us pain as a gift. Pain=Pleasure. A Jashinist will learn how to either accept pain or to simply ignore it. To convert you need to perform your first ritual. :3

I respect you for following the way of Jashin. I am in the process of converting. I just need a rosary and something sharp to cut. I enjoy pain, and blood is something that can normally be found on my skin. I am a believer in the almighty Jashin and nothing can change it.

I'm really conscious about Jashinism. I'm self hesitating if it is true or not, but if it is... is this kind of religion worships the devil or something? How do you sacrifice to your god ?
I'm just 13 , I respect Jashinism and I'm really interested on knowing this religion.

I'm really instreasted (I suck at spelling!) About Jashinism. I have a question, is it like a devil religion or something? I'm not trying to be rude or mean, I swear! Its been a year that I've been thinking about being one, I just want to know if it is or not. I respect jashinist, id love to find out what that book is called. I'm looking in libarays for japanese religous books,or list of world religions. I also have a other couple of questions question, is there a certain way you have to sacrfice ppl? Or something? How did you join? Where would u buy a pendant? Lol I'm 13, and I have no internet so I couldn't buy it off the internet. Also I'm broke as hell so uh yeah. I use to cut myself like uh 2 years ago, my mom found out and told me she gonna send me to a insane hospital place. Here's meh last question how..did you turn the pain into something you liked?

Actually, only those who have discovered the true meaning of pain, or at least know the pain of death, can sacrifice people. You aren't supposed to cause pain you don't understand. Sacrifices are typically of your own blood. To join you do your first ritual and pray to Jashin to accept you as his follower. As for pendants... you can make your own or try to find them. I had a friend get one off of the internet for me... And you can learn to do it yourself over time, you can ask jashin to help you, or what happens a lot is that after many rituals it just comes naturally.

I wish the creator of Naruto would release a statement telling all the idiots out there that he didn't create Jashinism -_- it would be nice to finally not have to listen to atheist say it was created by him when it wasn't.

Okay, I know that Jashinism is real, but I hardly know anything about it besides its laws and leaving the it. I've read somewhere that the only way to leave the cult is to die, but I don't think people would really even try to do that... Not that I'm saying its bad or anything, but I think that its really hard to find strong believers. I've been researching Jashinism for the past month and I think that its pretty interesting on how all of you can still group together even though you don't know anything about each other; although, this is the internet. So i was wondering, does anyone actually know the founding of Jashinism? I know that it came from Japan, but where in Japan? And why aren't there any books/sources I can read about them? I'm not a Jashinist, but I really respect those who are. You have your beliefs in your god, and I respect that. Although I am a masochist and I love pain, I'm not exactly willing to 'sacrifice' people and my blood everyday. I do cut myself from time to time though. I have Jashin's symbol as a pendant, and I just keep it with me even though I'm no exactly part it. Sometimes it just makes me feel safe. So Kudos to all the Jashinists and may Jashin have faith within you all.

there is a book about it, i read it when i was very young, and i can't think of the name i have been trying and trying to find it but i cant, jashinism is a lost religion if i could say as in it was practiced openly and widely but as the world became more and more civil the the believers broke u and in many religions you can see evidence of jashinism i have a story on here about some of them, but eventually they had to stop worshipping openly and became more cult like, and was eventually thinly spread, and don't believe the websites that talk about prophet hidan either and all that because i think its bullshit, there was a prophet was he coincidentally named after the ******* naruto character just a bunch of ******* fanboys if you ask me, but he culdve been i don't know, there are many tales of how jasinism became to be, but it didn't originate in japan technically it originated from an island whos native inhabitants worshiped him, this island was eventually taken over by japan which island it is i do not know, but there is a story that was recently brought up that he was a wicked god in shintoism, but i dont believe there is very little evidence of jashin being shinto in origin and where the story came from i do not know, jashinism is more closely related to certain cults, and unidentified religions in india and china, the most prominent of this is the Thugge, a gang/religion in india with similar beliefs to jashin but with a hindu god, many believe this is where that mangaka got the idea, but there are more that date back farther than the thugge and so it is also believed that the thugge absorbed jashinist habits into their religion, i always seem to get on late and im tired i will continue this maybe or you can message me for questions.

Hey there! I'm Jashinist too. My name is Miruna (but you can call me Abbie) and I'm from Romania.I've decided to became a jashinist about 4 months ago.I'm just 13 years old but I really love pain. Some people call me a masochist.Anyway, I ignore them. I use to pray to Jashin each day, and cutting myself for Lord Jashin. I have a friend who is jashinist too, but I would like to meet more jashinists. Sometimes I feel so alone... <br />
I want to learn more about jashinism, so please, help me! I'm ready to do anything for my Lord!

Really the basics are pray always were your pendant preach jashins way sacrifice blood and your all right
but if you wanna get technical pray to him still still always wear your rosary sacrifice alot everyday or sacrifice others who are not of our religion you preach his ways and anybody who doesnt convert are his sacrifice you never give pain you have not expierenced that is a sin and if they do then simple sacrifice do not kill animals jashin has nothing against them and never ever hesitate to state your faith in him.

if u have anymore questions just ask

lol ok maybe here and there i sacrifice people that be annoying you know but that better for everybody

A few years ago i started to be a real jashinist. My life was really ****** up and jashin gave me the strength and power to continue in this life.<br />
It all started when i was 11 years ( i am 16 now ) and i had a real ****** up life. My dad beat me up many times and my mom just didn't care about this. and i think she knew. Actually it sounds almost like the author of this first post even. Of all the pain and misery in my life i learned about jashinism. after i became a jashinist i was really more happy. I really loved pain  and enjoy it. I didn't care about anything anymore, just did whatever I want and so i also didn't had any worries .<br />
I was doing rituals at home and sharing my jashin pics online.<br />
after a while i loved it so much i cut my arms to show my devotion to jashin as this was one of the basic things to show my love for jashin and enjoyed while doing it.<br />
I just ******* didn't care about myself and life my own life. Everybody around me was ****** up pretending they knew me. I got so freaking crazy about jashin that my arms where full of scars because it felt so nice. <br />
Everybody around me made me more crazy and i got into a real heavy argument with my mom. she pissed me of so bad that i went into my room and seeked my help with lord jashin again.<br />
I started to cut myself again at night really bad and i hit a big vane in my arm I think which didn't stopped with bleeding. while i loved pain so much my good feeling was gone because I was trying to stop the bleeding and it didn’t stopped. It was only getting worse and worse. My whole bedsheet was red of blood! i was really upset because i should be happy and glad because pain was good. i really loved it till the moment i wanted the bleeding to stop and it didn't.<br />
i went into my mom's bedroom (it was night) and i woke up my mom. She without any questions got up and took me to the hospital. i saw her crying but she tried to be really strong.<br />
At the hospital i lost a lot of blood. the docters asked me how this happend and i told them that it just was a cut. i didn't told them about why because they wouldn't understand me of course.<br />
I got 21 stitches and i had to recover for 2 months. I was really ****** up feeling this way. i still was thinking a lot about jashin but i was still thinking of that thing i felt when the bleeding didn't stopped.<br />
My mom tried to talk to me a few times but i just told her that i cut myself on a glass. she knew i was lying and i actually knew also that she knew about my cutting because of all the scars on my arms.<br />
<br />
I was not really happy eventhough i loved the pain. i was in my room reading about jashin and when i was reading and looking at a lot of pictures of friends, jashin and naturally hidan i was getting ready to cut myself again. i wanted to change the pain i had and feeling good again. a shiver went down my spine when i grabbed the knife and holding it. in a bl<x>ink of an eye i got really angry on myself. <br />
i didn't wanted to get into the hospital again. i put the knife down and looked for at least 3 hours in the mirror to my arms. was this making me happy? after 3 hours of staring and trying to asnwer my questions i got up i was looking at some pictures of friends and stuff. i didn't knew what to do anymore. next day's i was really into myself and locked myself into my room. i was reading a lot at that time on internet. i was making some statues with clay and making a lot of pictures (my hobby). this heavy cut was big change in my life.<br />
i was reading about jashinism from jashin followers and non-jashin followers. from both groups all the things i read doesn't make sense. <br />
even the non-jashin were ******* annoying comments and blogs. it seems they don't understand the pain of some people they have suffered in their life.<br />
I was thinking about jashin but the more i thought about it the more it seems to look so inlogical. people was telling me always this is a fake religion just created by naruto writers. But I am not going into the whole naruto things here enough said about that online and the relation with jashinism<br />
Convinced it was originally from japan i got into contact with some japanese friends online. when i was sharing my thoughts about jashin they got really offended.<br />
that was a real eyeopener! as this was a japanese religion the guy start calling me stupid and to be ashamed thinking about japan this way and that I don’t respect his country. This was the second time i was feeling so strange.<br />
I love japan and really felt bad of offending japan. they were telling me they readed about jashin and it is a discrace people make against japan. i readed about the only two religions in japan<br />
(shinto and bhuddism). there i red that jashin (in shinto) was the name of some vague unknown deity. but it has no significant meaning in japan.<br />
i think this was the biggest change for me to know that my life i had created i made even worse by looking in the wrong direction. <br />
i am now not religious at all just doing the things that make me happy believing just in the things i do. i still got those japanese friends (and even more). <br />
i appoligized to them for making their country redicolous. they have so much respect in that country and everything there is almost always ba<x>sed on honor, respect and a peaceful inner body.<br />
that's why i think of it logically indeed jashin doesn't fit in a japanese culture. I already decided to study in japan and get my architect degree there. (i want to be an architect).<br />
I asked my mom about this and when i am old enough she will let me go there to study she said. as from now my life is building up a different way. <br />
i got lot's of crazy friends and my mom finally starts to get normal with me. I still love my hobbies in making clay statues and weird and dark creepy pictures :D. i can easily say this change was an advantage for me. i still read about jashin from online users (and other things) but look at it totally differently now. I wish strenght to jashin believers, you will need it in the future! <br />
i don't care who reads this post and who doesn't. i am just writing it because i want to put something on paper.<br />
<br />
<br />
Melissa from filand (this isn't my real name but fake, i would of course get a lot of betrayal messages from jashin believers).

sorry i havnt been on but nice story thank you or not bagging on us or anything but just sharing your experience and i know how you feel the pain and everything but you are right that jashinism is not of japan it is from an island close to japan that started to inhabit the island.

yeh people ceap on asking- why do you do that? why there are scars on your arms? who is Jashin? Can you show me your scars? this every single day!!!!!!! this is so anoying!!!

thay ask all of this yes but i never get annoyed i will explain and show ok i lied it can get on my nerves but still and im not going to be mad at someone cuz they are a diffrent religion just dont bag on mine and i wont sacrifice you

hahahaha lol !!! that happeneds, alot. -_-

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Im a Jashinist too and i Know what u feel and i felt it too and feel the same way today plus ur correct in every thing

sorry havnt been on but im not gunna take this the wrong way asof what u said i think your saying we are fake but im not taking it this again i know all of your pains n just to let you know im not a psycotic freak who sits in my room cryingi have friends of many diffrent religions buddhist voodoo christian and alot of others ok i go to parties and everything and we make fun of our religions i do have a good sense of humor the day i wrote this was a bad day for me and i had to get it out

Jashin is real face it jerks!!!!! anyway i whant to be a jashinist but i don't know how to start.....men i need help!

sorry havnt been on thanks for your comment it is very much real if you need help and are steel thinking of converting messge me

i Don't know how to pray to Jashin,and how to do the ritual and stuff like that! Please? ^_^

to pray you just pray like any other religion at the end you say something like"praise lord jashin" or "praise be to jashin" to sacrifice all you do is cut yourself small ***** or something and drop the blood into a jashin triangle and circle while saying your prayer

and also your supposed to pray into the rosary or a jashin symbol.:)

thank you very much for your help!!!!! ^_^

no problem alway glad to help

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thanks kurohime1024 and sorry i read the book when i was like ten i dont remember the title or anything only that it is where i found out about from the book this was like ten eleven years ago i would tell you if i knew but if you got any questions ill gladly answer them

This is the best disc<x>ription of any Jashinist I'v ever read! I am curious, tho, what book did u read about it in? I'v read several books on worldly religions, looking for Jashinism, but I can never find it.

thanks but idk the book name or anything it was a long time ago but if you have any questions about me or jashinism ill gladly answer