Blades and scars for my devotion
Prayers and love for my faith
A wicked heart watching
With dark intent
As I break the skin
And crimson flows
The beauty of pain
Seeps in so sweetly
I take it in
I love it so very much
It is a great gift
I appreciate it
More than anything else
The blood still flows
I give him his
And I take my share
As it runs down my throat
So delectable
So warm
Like nothing else
This is my home
And my family

Pretty much spells it out. I was raised as a Jashinist, and I pity those who were not. I sacrifice daily. I pray daily at the least. I love poetry, and I am one of the happiest Jashinists you will ever meet. Stay in good faith friends.
BloodRedShadow BloodRedShadow
2 Responses Jan 20, 2012

this is a beuatifal poem for our lord, and he will be glad that you sacrifice and pronounce your religion without hesitating, i hope you and all other jashinist can walk in his shadow, as i strive to do to meet our lord one day and serve him until eternity ends.

Beautiful my friend. Simply beautiful.

why thank you. i try hard.