I am sorry for not being on for so long I have been very busy. I have school and stuff to do for lord Jashin. But i do have something to say, I was talking to lord Jashin and yes he still does talk back to me no im not crazy, but like I was saying we were talking and after a while I was on the phone with a friend, they keep freaking out that the world is gonna end for 2012. So I asked lord Jashin and he said no, it was 1. a huge relief for me and 2. a laugh in the face at my friend since shes a ***** anyway. But lord Jashin would like me to inform all his worshipers that he is thankful that you have stuck by his side even thought your life may be rough, he told me he tried to answer everyone's prayers and even thought he might not answer all of then he tries to answer atleast one of your prayers each week and if you pray to him alot he tries to answer more often. Lord Jashin just wants me to let all of you know he is thankful you are loyal to him and he hopes you stay that way because he does not want to hurt any of you. Well i will see you all soon.
AllHailLordJashin AllHailLordJashin
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H-he talks to you?

That's epic! 8D It's inspiring to know how much Lord Jashin cares! Ya don't have to apologize for being gone for so long. XD There are some that have not been on in months or years!

lord Jashin has had me been doing things and helping him find the ones who have tried to leave and punish them

Awesome! 8D

a guy i loved just hurt me badly just now..... lord Jashin said hed handle it and he came back with blood on him.... god lord Jashin is amazing

Wow! That's amazing! 8D The most I've been doing as of late is trying to correct the false info on Jashinism. XD

ya same and iv been doing all my school work.... trying to and iv been very helpful to lord Jashin

That's so cool how ya help Lord Jashin out like that. 8D Your so lucky!

well he did save me

True true 8D

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