Hi I'm Abby a jashinist its been at least one year since I converted to jashinism and its great jashin sama has truly been there for me but I've been lacking on my sacrifices of my own blood its because of my parents -_- but I've sacrificed sleep or food and on ecations my blood but jashin truly is great, forgiving and understanding I recently joined this sight to talk to other fellow jashinist so I wouldn't feel so alone so that I hope I can meet you fellow jashinist

Hail Jashin
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hello abby is u read my stories u would know im a jashinist to and i can actully see lord Jashin. He is pleased with you and would like me to let you know its ok to not sacrafise blood

Wow that is amazing thank you very much

if you ever need anything please message me itll either be me or lord Jashin who answers but he usally makes me answer and tells me what the answer is

I will thanks again

welcome oh and lord Jashin said never stop praying

Of course I always pray to him

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Hey abby nice to meet ya 8D

Hi :3

It's always fun meeting another Jashinist XD

I know it feels great knowing there's others :)

Ikr XD How many Jashinist have ya met so far? 8D

So fare two

You'll meet a lot of Jashinist 8D Trust me XD


How'd ya find out about Jashinism? 8D

Well its a long story I was raised Catholic and for some reason I knew it wasn't right and god has always worked in ways I didn't understand so I ggave up being catholic I was sure what I wanted to do all my life has been nothing but pain one night I fell asleep and had the most crazy dream I saw the word jashinism written in blood so when I woke up I did some research and I felt as if this religion knows me so I concerted to jashinism and it is really great but its hard living with a catholic family but I'm just grateful toward jashin

Wow! I know how ya feel about the catholic thing XD My entire family is christian and I go to a catholic school 8P I actually found Jashinism from naruto ^^;

Yeah that's kewl I watch naruto as well :3

I stopped watching the series after pain died XD The fillers became really annoying 8P


I'll stop buggin ya now XD Your probably gettin annoyed of me XD Addio 8D

Lol or not buggin me OK see ya around

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