Lord Jashin

Hello everyone, If you have read my stories you would know I hate lier's so when I tell you I can see Lord Jashin its not a lie. Read my 1st story and you will under stand. But to get on with the point. Lord Jashin would like me to inform all his followers and loyal ones that the world is not ending in 2012 so stop the bull ****, i'm sorry but its his words not mine, I do anything and everything he asks me to do so he asked me to put specific words on here for the bull **** thing well i had to do it. He wants to let you all know the world wont end for a very long time and we will all be fine. He wants me to tell you never lose your faith in him no matter what. He made me punish a few people who have already tried to leave and lost way to much faith. He has also watched me cry over boys and I watched him leave and come back with blood on him. He helps me when i'm down and hes actually a very nice man. Never lose faith to Lord Jashin trust me I dont want to be the one to hurt you.

please read my other stories thank you

All hail Lord Jashin
AllHailLordJashin AllHailLordJashin
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Can someone help me?I am new in this religion.And when I do my rituals,sometimes I am affraid to cut my skin.But, after I do this, I feel that pleasure.Still , I am affraid.Anyone Who can talk with me on this topic would be so helpful.Message me.

To think some Jashinists believed that Jashin would let the world end without much other warning to us loyal followers is kind of weak and bull**** on its own terms, and i understand why Jashin would ask us to post that it is such bull**** if i had seen this before 2013 started I would have agreed with it still.

I believe ya also 8D

i know u do ur a good friend of mine oh and lord Jashin wants to know how ur doing

I've been doing good so far XD I'm trying to convince someone Jashinism is not a cult and is a real religion that didn't come from naruto. I'm ashamed to admit I've been lacking in my prayers ^^;

its ok he said its fine that ur lacking them and lol when i pray i just look at lord Jashin and tell him things

Thanks that's reasurring 8D I haven't seen Lord Jashin during my prayers but I felt his presence XD

he stays witrh me most o the time but i know others who can see him thanks to them bieng so close to me

Awesome! 8D

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Well I believe u and hail jashin

thank u

I need your help

whats wrong

There is someone mocking our religion I prayed to jashin to curse him

WHAT please tell me the name and location of this person me and lord Jashin will handle this

His name is Charles case he lives in skegness in england I want him to suffer

ill ask lord Jashin what we shakk di abiut it and me and himwill handle it

wow i had horrible spelling sorry lol i said we shall talk about this and we will handle it


I need help, I'm so confused! Not about lord Jashin but it's something else, my little sister wants to become a jashinist like me, but she's only 10, so should I let her at such a young age?

I think she should start out with Innocent Jashinism first. :3

K thanks!!

No problem XD

stop it don't let her.... lord Jashin doesn't like such little kids paying to him.... unless he tells me to tell u other wise please don't let her do it yet

K, I told her since she's so young that I will TELL her about it but she has to wait till she's older

good it would be a putty to see such a young soul to to waste

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