My Cousin Is Large

When I was 13 I went camping with my uncle and his son who was 12 at that time. I was a normal boy discovering sexuality at that age and when we went sleeping in our tent I was lying in the middle and to my right was my cousin. I stayed awake and when I was sure both were sleeping I started carefully exploring my cousins penis. I touched it under the sheet and it got hard and felt pretty big. So I formed a little cave in the sheet and illuminated the sight to my cousins penis with a torch. I was very impressed what I saw. I did not measure it but my estimation was that it was at least 6 or 7 inches hard and thick.
From that day on I whenever I met my cousin all I could think of was his big penis. And I was jealous and fascinated. Maybe a year or 2 later I was sleeping at my cousins house and I had another chance to see his penis. He went to the shower and I was spying through the keyhole where I could see him getting out of the shower and his penis was huge, dangeling soft downwards. It must have been a little bigger than I am when I have a *****.
My cousin married a few days ago and he is a father of a sweet little girl now. I always imagine how amazing sex must be for his beautiful wife and no wonder they have a child. He and she must be very happy.
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I have a half brother that soft is about an inch and a half longer and twice as thick as my skinny four and a half inches. His first wife said it was 8.5 and very thick.

It was always intimidating and I was very disappointed when I didn't turn out to be large.

I wouldnt know about hard but when I was about 17 I saw a 9 year old and 10 year old cousin in the showers at a sports club. The 10 year old had a soft **** that would be about the size of mine erect and his brother was only a little smaller. Compared to my flaccid penis they were both significantly longer and thicker.

wow, even at 12 he sounded a lot bigger than I get now!