Tiny In The Changerooms, Showers, Urinals Etc

I have a small erect penis (4") but a tiny soft size (2") It is always very embarrassing for me when I see the guys with much larger ***** (and they see my tiny one) Most teenage boys and a fair number of even younger boys out-man me particularily when I have just been swimming or any other situation that causes shrinkage. My already boy-size penis shrivels up to absolute baby-size. I recall a very humiliating embarrassment when at a sports club my 9 and 10 year old cousins who were in the changeroom and showers at the same time as me and both of them were almost twice my size (I was about 17 or 18 at the time)
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I know how you feel....I don't go stand at urinals because of my embarrassing member. Thanks for sharing your story.

I specifically avoid being exposed around guys who I am acquainted with either socially or through work. It can have a direct detrimental effect on my standing with some of them and occasionally it has given a rival a distinct advantage when vying for some girl's attention. As for my relationship with some it has caused a change in my alpha status. Some who generally related to me in a more beta manner changed their behaviour around me when they learned that I didnt just have a smaller **** than them but my penis is actually tiny. In the case of rivalry for a girl's attentions most of my challengers were noticeably emboldened if they also discovered that I have a tiny **** and used it to their advantage one way or another. I have suffered when a guy who didnt seriously believe he had a chance realised he had a lot more to offer the girl in question in regards to what was hanging between our legs (or more specifically what wasnt hanging between mine)