Penis Envy

I see 60 to 80 penises a day in the football locker room and am so jealous of every single one! they are all bigger than me, i know this not only from looks but also from hazing that has taken place (we measured and of course the smaller dicks got hazed the worst). the worst part is i LOVE to look at big dicks is that wierd? i often catch myself staring at the huge guys!  i have a half asian teammate that every day in the shower tells me "glad you break the stereotype of asians having the worlds smallest dicks!"... its so embarrassing and i am so envious, just once i wish i knew what it would be like to strut around the lockerroom with one big enough to hang down, not just point straight out for about an inch and a half :-(

cal321 cal321
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

I think you're like me. I have a tiny penis and love looking at other guys' *****. I'm not attracted to men, but the fascination of seeing something (my wife and) I wish I had keeps me looking. It's partly a curiosity of the unknown.