Pray For Me ? =] For They Have All The Guys.

Im jealous. 

Full stop. 

I have a group of 7 really close girl friends. We are all quite stunning , quite popular and i seem so happy but no one realises how much i wished i was more like them. 

They all get the guys they want. I dont get any guys. 

Full stop. 

Im sick of waiting around for a guy when they are getting them all . Im shy i get that and its not an easy thing to change but i just want for once , what one of them have!  my friends get amazingly hot guys , they have it all !

PEOPLE SAY IM AMAZING AND NICE AND PRETTY , Either their lying or im too shy to get a guy!

either way i hope and pray that this chances and soon as i get a guy :( :( 

 pray for me ? :)  xo 

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girl this is exactly me

Here sist, I felt this too. I know I am so much younger than you, but really. Read my post about this, and you will know. I felt the same, unwanted, no one wanna be with me, and I dont know why. I knew I should give you some advice but honestly, I dont have any.

Ahh my girl...I understand how you feel..I am old now but I was once your age. I was never in the "popular" click but I was happy to not be them because I was friends with everyone. I never had a boyfriend from my town. I was very insecure about myself because I was in your situation, everyone had boyfriends but me. I took the path of drinking and drugs which you should avoid like the plague. If I knew then what I know now lol...well lets just say I would have been more involved in my studies and gone to a real college after high school which would have given me many more opportunities. <br />
<br />
Your time will come for a boyfriend....when its the right one. Know and love yourself...the book that was recommended sounds good...I have not read it myself but I read books like it earlier in life. I know you want to have fun and you should because you are young but you should put your "best foot forward" as my mother would say. Figure out what you want to be in life later and work now towards that goal. Have fun...just not too much. Guys in your age group are pretty much only after one thing and they don't change much as they get older...its not easy to find the right one for you but if you put your intentions out into the universe and will happen when it is supposed to and then love will hit you like a ton of bricks. In the meantime....don't wish for a boyfriend just because you see your friends with theirs ....wish for the love of your life and get yourself ready.... be happy with yourself, study and figure out ways to get to the life you want for yourself... you have time...lots of it ....there are tons of Mr. Wrongs out there with the mask of Mr. need to be able to distinguish and that takes having good sense and a good feel for people in general. Break out of your shyness...start talking, there is no reason to be afraid...even if you make an *** of yourself by doing or saying the wrong thing...ITS OK....but you need to break out of that and be free to be we used to say..LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY...

Interlude. i think i completely understand what you are saying. and yeah when i wrote this i didn't appreciate all the good things in my life, and i concentrated on things that i really didnt need to worry about. Yes things have deffinately improved ( and i will be writing about that shortly!) <br />
<br />
You have nothing to be jealous of though, being popular isnt everything, be happy and healthy is and sometimes i feel like the people that im friends with stop me from doing some of the things i love. So believe me you are perfect where you are. <br />
<br />
thanks though :)

why would you be jealous of her?

hmm at least were not alone in this situation JapanNinja.<br />
<br />
The book sounds really good and i really want to read it , do you happen to know the author? thankkss.

you're not alone. and when it comes to what you want, i think you should read the book: the secret. it's about being postive and telling the universe something good is going to happen, i will get guys. you can't just think it, you have to believe it. the book is also somewhat religious. i know exactly how you feel though. all the guys like my best friend. and none like me!

I know what you mean about coming across as arrogant when you're shy. It happens to me too. The right chemistry with someone draws me out of that.

haha thanks :) <br />
the full stop thing is kinda my trade mark , even in my speech i end up saying it. <br />
<br />
What you just said made so much sense to me! <br />
i understand where you are coming from. Having a guy wont make me , it will add to me. <br />
<br />
Im still looking for my self , once im found im sure the whole secure and happy with who i am thing will come. The problem with my shyness is that it almost comes across as being aragont when really im too scared to let loose. <br />
thanks for that though :)

First of all I think the "Full stop" thing is so cute and retro :) <br />
Secondly having a boyfriend does not make you "better than average." you either believe you are, or you don't. No guy, no matter how hot, can do that for you. His delight in your presence should be the icing, not the entire cake.<br />
Being shy is fine. Being lonely is natural. Work on being secure in yourself because guys can sense desperation.

thanks .. i suppose you are right. <br />
except the reasons for wanting a guy isnt purly because hes hot. <br />
its more because im lonely , and want someone to be there for me. <br />
It seems that everyone has lleft me and it would be nice for someone to show they care. <br />
Sorry to dissapoint but i dont believe in god. At least not the god your talking about. <br />
Im jewish and strongly believe that what happens , happens but there is always a way to squueze every bit of life out of a situation.<br />
My friends have boyfriends but it would be nice to know , that someone thinks im better than average. You must have no idea what the feelings of another person can do to you. It can make your year. And at the moment i just want to have fun ,find myself and be happy. Im trying to do these things the only way i know how. Somehow i seem to be failing at even that. Hence the fact why a guy would be nice. <br />
All my friends and seconds from leaving me, i want someone who will be there for me because they simply like the fact that i am who i am. <br />
<br />
Thanks for the comment though , even those few words made a huge difference to the way i think. <br />

Sister in Christ, why would you pray for a boyfriend to come. What I'm getting from your post is that you want a guy only because he is "hot". You really think God would give you what you wanted, if you wanted it for reasons that wouldn't pursue His glory? You have it terribly wrong with our Father, sister. Yes, God does love us, but initially, he gives us the things for the best. I don't want to put you down or anything obviously, but God will provide, for now don't worry about things like guys. Focus on school, if your close girlfriends have boyfriends, let them have boyfriends. They have what they have in their lives because God knows their paths. <br />
<br />
Please do not use prayer for your own benefits, it's like taking advantage of our God. Not only is God full of love, he has wrath as well, he is a jealous God. <br />
<br />
-Brother in Christ<br />
<br />
<br />
P.S. God loves you,