I'm Jealous Of My Boyfriends Ex Wife And Kids

My boyfriend is 29 and im 23. We've only been together about 3 months,but we've known each other for about 5 years.

We are very happy together,though there is 1 thing that annoys me. I feel bad for thinking it. He is currently going through a divorce,and has two kids aged 3 and 6. He wants us to move in together,and has started making preperations for us,such as redecorating,and buying new things for 'our house'. The problem is his kids. While i love him,and always have done,i dont like the idea of his kids. He takes them sometimes,usually when the ex demands,if she wants to go out on a night out etc. Hes got them currently,and he told me he would be up to see me about 3 hours ago. I cant help feeling angry that because of that *****,hes had to break plans with me,because she demanded he had to take the kids. I dont want to play stepmummy,especially not to cheeky brats like that,and if we have kids,i want it to be just us,not pandering to that ***** whenever she feels like it I knew what i was getting into before we got together,but i was willing to risk that. I feel like i cant let him go now,and i wish he didnt have so much baggage. If we move in together,the kids will be there sometimes,and i dont want to deal with it. It just feels like the ex family will be there at every turn,and our happiness wont be ours,or it wont last. It sounds like an evil thought,but its just the way i feel. Am i alone here?how do i cope with it?
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1 Response Sep 11, 2011

You are not alone, trust me! I know exactly how you feel. I hope things get better for you. Ive been in the same situation for 4 years. His kids were 3 & 6 too when we met. You either need to learn how to overcome your jealousy or it only gets worse. I havent overcome the jealousy and its been this long... I can tell you this, It hasnt gotten any easier for me anyway.. Good Luck!