Grow Up People

I stumbled across this site trying to understand why my girlfriend hates my ex wife and children so much. It seems that my girlfriend is not alone in pathelogically hating children who are not her own. I find this behaviour and that of the women on here complaining about their boyfriends children to be TOTALLY PATHETIC.

You are all immature spoilt brats yourselves. The common themes seem to be fathers who bend over backwards to help their and even others children and mothers and girlfriends who are jealous beyond measure of anyone who would prevent their man from devoting all their time and resources to their whiny arses.

How about thinking of others for a change and how they feel and how their needs could be met rather than all this SELF CENTRED whoe is me, i'm so hard done by crap.

Build a bridge and get over it ladies.

ken48 ken48
46-50, M
Nov 26, 2012