Dislike My Boyfriends Kids

I am 19 years old, from the UK, met a guy online who lived in Canada, he told me he would give up anything for me if i was not happy and as of late i am not, but i cant ask him to give up his kids eh? I love kids i work with kids love my niece and nephew and younger cousins. But his kids i cant stand they are like babies still saying daddy all the time which really bugs me they are lazy and whiney and complain when they are here. During the summer i worked ever other week and watched his kids the week i was off and by the end of the summer is when i started to dislike them. I told him about this and he has done nothing. They will still be coming for a week this xmas, he told me he would tell me in advanced next time (for the summer he told me the day before they got here could i watch them, what can i say) it is 2 weeks till xmas and he has still not told me ( i read in a text when their coming) When they are here i find myself locked in my room or walking my dog!

Is this just too much for a 19 year old to take on? He is older then me his kids are 10 and 8.

I have moved country for this guy, missed the birth of my now 5 month old niece, who i still have not met and i am generally miserable :( especially when they are around, am i just wasting my young years here?

When i think of leaving back to the uk it makes me sad also as i do love him, just wish he had no kids and he would be perfect!

Please give me any advice!!
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

you honestly believe he'd be perfect without kids? sorry, his kids are part of himself. why does he want a young person to babysit his kids for him? this is the real him, with or without kids.