Recently I've been feeling more and more jealous of my peers around me going off to college and hanging out with their friends for the last time/hanging with their friends in college,while I'm stuck here in my town community college wasting my last couple of days of summer doing nothing cause my friends have already head back to college or for some reason never responded to my texts to make some plans together.

Every time I go on facebook I see pictures and videos of people hanging out with their best friends, people I went to school with and know, and seeing them in their faraway colleges and I get so. *******. jealous. I want to be that person that's getting to go to a nice college away from their families and having an awesome social life; instead I'm at home wasting my last days of summer on video games and the computer while my friends have either gone back to college or are too busy/ don't feel like hanging out (or even responding to my damn texts!)

I just hate how jealous I get when I see all these people I know having fun and moving away and getting that college experience,while I'm still at home with a mother constantly breathing down my neck and a father who's distant (and i'm pretty sure has depression),unable to afford anything other than community college.

I know I should be happy for these people but it's so hard, and I can't talk to anybody about this without coming off as an a-hole. It just sucks and I hate that I'm in this depressed state of mind just days before my college classes start :(
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Well ****, we all have unique roads we go down in life,maybe university college isn't for you. You might have a better time going to community college and moving on in life