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I feel like I can best relate to Lynette from 'Desperate Housewives' (my favourite television indulgance). She is the most beautiful woman of all the "housewives" on that show, in my eyes. She runs a household, with 4 kids to boot! She keeps a pretty great house considering those facts, and she also manages to keep her husband fed after he gets back from work (talking about season one, here). Anyway, despite the facts, she believes that she displeases her husband and isn't a good enough mother (for her 4 kids, 3 of which are very unruly). Lynette often feels like her hubby Tom is attracted to other woman he works with, acquaintances, etc., moreso than he is with her..because other woman that are around Tom are manicured with snappy business dress, perfect hair, smell good, etc., and Lynette is tired looking and wears cloths that smell like a hamper or baby spitup and drool.

I feel exactly the way that she feels: overwhelmed, tired and unattractive. I hate it how, somewhere along the line, the romance in mine and my hubby's relationship died. I hate how he hardly ever compliments me, and I hate how being a mom with postpartum depression feels. I feel like anything I ever do is not good enough for my hubby and my 8 month old. I hate the guilt I feel for taking a nap when I need it, or the guilt I feel when I do little things for myself, like soak in the bath, etc. The thing that makes me feel the worst is if I'm not the one that bathes the baby, puts her to sleep, or does all the morning routines with her. It hurts me that my husband will never know exactly how it feels to be me.

I also feel guilty for feeling guilty, period. My husband is a great man that loves me and our daughter so much that he does everything for us. He cooks, does half the cleaning, and works fulltime. I work part time, do most of the childrearing, half the cleaning and keep our needs/finances in order, so I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do.

Please, someone,

tell me that I'm normal, and I'm not alone.

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kt2513 has it right.<br />
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Although I have romantic feelings for another woman that I work with, my wife isn't raising any children and I feel that I carry all the financial weight and she contributes very little while belittling me with her words. I know she loves me and I do love her. It's out of respect for my co-worker, her husband, myself and yes, even my wife that I DO NOT act on these emotions.<br />
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Unlike your husband though, I do tell my wife she is beautiful and that I love her on a daily basis even though the flame has gone out of our marriage.<br />
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Have you told your husband how you feel? Word of advice, don't bring up anything about him even remotely being attracted to any of his co-workers. He'll deny it, I would, and nothing good can come from that conversation.

I love Desperate Housewives! I love Lynette, too! I love all the housewives, including Edie. Everyone hates Edie, I don't see why. She's hilarious. I love Lynette's daughter Penny, and her son Parker. They are adorable. Porter and Preston are icky in all the seasons. Parker was just cute when he was little. Penny is still cute. Desperate Housewives is amazing. I have created many groups related to the cast, characters, episodes, and the show, if anyone is interested.

All men are attracted to other women. Good men don't do anything about it

You are normal and not alone!