So Much!

Im from the UK and i have the same problem!
in a way its not so much that they are actually pretty or popular its just that they think that they are. here they wear so much foundation on their faces they look orange and they all diet to be like thin american girls ( size zero has just hit us) im 20 and when im in a university lecture they all talk about what they ate (lettuce/cotton wool!) and how bad and fat it made them feel, and i cant stand it. they club together and ***** about you and it feels like they turn everyone against you, when actually they must be 10 times more insecure about themselves then we are because otherwise they wouldnt feel the need to behave the way they do. and the expensive make up and clothes are just a front, take them away and see what sort of person you get underneath!!! they just project their bad feelings on to you, even sleeping beauty would feel unattractive if they got their claws in......! i wish i could be less jealous and instead listen to my head which tells me that they are neither pretty or popular, they just want to be! and so far, the girls i know that bullied me in earlier schools etc who thought they we so bloody pretty and popular actually ended up having no friends because they bitched too much that no one liked them and also end up boring as they spend their whole lives so busy watching and talking about how crap everyone else is, they forget to plan ahead so that their lives dont end up crap!
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18-21, F
May 9, 2007